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10 Reasons Why Most Men Simple Cannot Handle an Empath

An empath is described as a person who has the ability to fully comprehend other people`s emotions. A woman who loves unconditionally or woman who gives in too much in a relationship, even though she receives little, is an example of an empathetic woman.

While dating such woman seems ideal as their personality is associated with perfection, most empaths are still single. Here are some of the reasons why men cannot handle a woman empath:

1. Asking too many questions

Most men lead a simple life, without recalling past events or contemplating the future.  They are living in the present! But, an empathic woman tends to think about everything in advance, which bothers her partner.  This leads to break-ups or a complete incompatibility, at the very least.

2. Too Much Honesty

Honesty is the foundation of a relationship, and an empathetic woman knows it very well.  So, it`s no wonder that she would rather put an end to the relationship instead of holding back the truth.

3. Knowing what you want

Given that they have planned everything beforehand, they fear the entrance and presence of another person in their life will be quite chaotic.  Therefore, they often choose to remain single.

4. Empathic Partners

Being into relationship with an empath can be really hard for an average man. Empaths are not into short-term relationship or simple flirting, but into deep and meaningful relationship.  This is much more than an average man can give!

5. Intimacy matters

Empathetic women are not afraid to show their vulnerability.  Oftentimes, this is difficult for men to deal with it as it is much more than they can handle.  But, when an empathetic woman finds the man who truly understand her, she will do anything for him!

6. Seeing the Worst in Men

Many men these days have a low self-esteem and lack of confidence, which makes it difficult for them to get on with a woman empath. Empaths are in tune with their emotions and state of being and they are great at spotting people dealing with low confidence.

7. Being independent

Empathetic women are extremely independent and they will never wait for a man to take care of them, whether it is emotionally or financially.   They have no problem dealing with anything and anyone and have no issue with their choices, goals, or ideals.

8. It is all or nothing

When an empathetic woman gets into a relationship, it is all or nothing! She knows what she wants and will do anything to get it.  If the man finds it difficult to catch up with her and her feelings or life choices, he can flee away easily.

9. Empathic Intensity

Intensity is one of the key words when it comes to describing empaths. Empathetic women tend to burst out intensely, without feeling the need to apologize for it.

10. Consistency

Empaths hate people who are not consistent and break their promises as they are extremely consistent individuals who follow their routine.  All of this can be difficult for men to follow.



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