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10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Mess With An Empath

On the first look it would seem that Empaths are fragile and emotional people. But this vulnerability to feel deeply and more intensely than other people is actually something you should never take as a weakness.

In fact, Empaths are gifted with a superpower that goes beyond just ‘feeling more deeply’ than others. That’s just a byproduct of their real gift.

They see through the BS and the pretence. If you think you can manipulate their nature, have in mind that they know what you are doing.

What’s the primary gift of An Empath?

Empaths might be born with a heightened ability to feel other’s feelings, however, that’s NOT their real gift.

Their primary gift is divine understanding of human psychology!

This gives them the ability to tell when someone is faking, lying, or simply not who they said they were.

Some nice people have cruel intentions, let’s face it. Empaths just have the ability to recognize this.

As an empath, the best way to explain this is: the knowing just happens.

It’s like we have another set of eyes that can see intentions. We know how to read people, and we aren’t easily fooled.

Yes, we feel A LOT and sometimes it gets overwhelming, but anyone would feel this intense if they see how much people pretend and lie all around them, all the time!

They don’t lie to others necessarily, they lie to themselves. They complicate their life SO MUCH! And if the world is actually aware of how fake it really is, how much suffering is created exactly because of this fakery, EVERYONE would feel as intensely as we are feeling. They would fall on their knees and cry!

Here are 10 reasons why you should NEVER mess with An Empath:Reasons Never Mess With Empath

Empaths are Basically Lie Detectors

When someone lies, they give off certain subconscious body movements and ‘ticks’, if you must. If you are a cheating type of partner, don’t get with an empath. You will soon enjoy the taste of your own medicine.

Common ways to identify a liar is their eye movement, and overwhelming intention to convince you. The one thing every liar has when telling a lie is behavioral disassociation with their energy. In order to lie they have to turn their back to their emotions. This creates a type of disharmony highly sensitive person can perceive.

However, if you’re an empath you already know this. You don’t know how to explain why you know, you just do. It is the most prominent feeling you’ll ever feel in your gut.

Don’t Try to Fool Them

Empaths feel other people’s feelings – much more than they would want too. Because of this, they know when you’re faking.

Don’t try and hide your cruel intentions around an empath – it simply won’t work. It’s like wearing a colorful hat. They have a sense, like sight, that simply sees intentions just like people would see the colorful hat.

Empathic people can see right through your conniving disguise. They often don’t ever approach it either because they are also aware that you obviously have some kind of mental distortion.

They Sense Jealousy

Empathic people can feel when you are jealous of them.

You might expect this to make them feel a bit charismatic and confident, but that would be wrong.

Empath’s might know that you are jealous of them for whatever reason, and they will often demonstrate humility to make you feel more comfortable.

They Sense Hatred

One of the most prevalent senses an empath has is for hatred. Hatred is such a negative emotion it gives off a negative energy that is powerful.

Empaths are drawn away by this feeling. They aren’t hurt over your hatred, but would rather not have their soul affected by your negative energy.

They do not lose sleep over any hatred, which often causes people to hate them even more. They are comfortable with who they are, and they expect to be nobody else.

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