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11 Signs That Narcissists Try to Manipulate You!

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Narcissists are selfish people. They’re motivated by what’s best for them, not what’s best for others.

In case you think you’re affected by a narcissist that tries to manipulate you, you should first identify the signs of their hurtful tactics.

Staying away from a narcissist is one of the best self-affirming things you can do to improve your emotional and mental well-being.

11 Signs That These People Try to Manipulate You:
– They aren’t able to control their emotions and aggression

Experts claim that narcissists aren’t able to control their emotions or behavior, overt aggression, and verbal aggression.

So, avoid getting into an unsafe situation with them. You should protect yourself from being a victim of the abusive tendencies of these people and remember that you do deserve better.

Even though physical aggression is easy to notice, psychological aggression is more difficult to spot. These signs indicate that someone is a psychological abuser:

– They pressure you to do things that you do not want to do;

– They control your behavior;

– They control your access to family and friends;

– They withhold financial, emotional, or physical support;

– They denigrate language;

– They threaten you;

– They make you feel afraid or intimidate you.

– They are verbally abusive

Narcissists use insulting language and yell at you as a way to manipulate you. They just want to make you feel fearful and small. But, you should try to stay strong in the face of this type of bullying behavior. You should also keep your voice calm and ask them to do the same. In case they don’t do it, refuse to talk to them.

– They try to make you feel unworthy or inferior

They manipulate you into believing that you aren’t good enough to please them. This means that they try to make you feel unworthy or inferior.

– They try to make you feel ashamed

Making you feel less valuable or belittling you is a way these people attempt to manipulate you. In case they manage to make you feel ashamed for your lack of education, physical appearance or social class, they’ll feel superior.

– They use gaslighting techniques to make you doubt your sanity

Gaslighting is actually an insidious method used by narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths. It can make you doubt your own sanity. For instance, in case you tell a narcissist that you do not like what they said to you in front of others, they’ll probably deny it, say that you’re wrong, and claim that it didn’t happen, regardless of what proof you provide to support your claim.

– They play the victim

‘I cannot win with you’ is one of these people’s tactics. They play the victim to console themselves and justify their inflated ego.

 – They use brainwashing techniques to manipulate you

Brainwashing is actually defined as the manipulation and modification of a victim’s beliefs, emotions, and attitudes. If you are the victim, it may reduce your ability to mentally defend yourself and make it easier for the narcissist to control you. They make you do things you do not want to do for them. 

– They often bring in a third person in a conversation to prove that they’re correct

Narcissists can bring in a third person in a conversation to prove that they’re correct. It’s not fair to you, since in case you had known that they’ve convinced someone to support them, you’d have brought a witness, as well.

– They do not listen to you and often turn the topic back to themselves

As they believe that everything needs to be about them, narcissists may not be listening to you. What’s more, they instantly turn the topic back to themselves and cut you off when you’re speaking.

– They behave inappropriately

Scientists that have been examining the everyday teenage narcissist behavior said that narcissists behaved in less agreeable and more extroverted ways compared to other teenagers. Furthermore, they also used more sexual language and skipped class more.

– They often accuse you of actions and intentions that don’t belong to you

Narcissists often criticize and blame you for everything they do. They accuse you of actions and intentions that don’t belong to you, and usually belong to themselves.

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