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13 Things That Happen When a Narcissist and an Empath Fall In Love

Frequently, empaths are being seen as weak people, but that is not real. In fact, empaths are strong and tough people who feel other people’s emotions. Empaths possess a desire to make the world a better place; they cannot stand to see others suffering.

Anyway, when in their life comes a narcissist, empaths may become victims if they do not know how to protect themselves and set boundaries.

Empaths possess a desire to make the world a better place; they cannot stand to see others suffering. As a result, they are attracted to irreversibly damaged narcissists and their stories about anguish.

However, narcissists do not want to heal; they want to belittle others, manipulate them, and, of course, be narcissists. Although some empaths know that is not a good choice to be in a relationship with a narcissist, they often are not aware of what exactly waits for them.

So, if you are an empath, continue reading to find out what happens in the relationship of an empath and a narcissist.

1. When an empath enters into a relationship with a narcissist, they start believing that they have found true love. They think they have a special bond with the narcissist. It is impossible to think of leaving the relationship because the narcissist confirms what the empath thinks.

2. Since empaths adore to give love, narcissists enjoy this and gain even more control and power over their partners. So, this empaths’ trait causes problems.

3.Entering a relationship with a narcissists make empaths fall in love head over heels. Even though narcissists do not do anything about the relationship, empaths feel loved just from being in their presence.

4. While empaths feel like their relationship is doing fine, and narcissists make sure of that. Actually, they are just in search of validation. Often, narcissists ask their partners if they love them, and every other conversation is about them.

5. After some time passes empaths start to feel helpless. When a narcissist tells an empath they need them, and they do not let them, for instance, to pay the bills, they are actually manipulating them. Then, empaths end up feeling dependent on them.

6. Of course, there are the gaslighting tricks. Narcissists like to make other people feel bad about themselves. So, they make their partner feel insecure by saying things such as “you are crazy,” “I would never say that,” etc.

As a result, empaths end up with serious psychological problems. And, they think they need the narcissist to feel good without being aware that they are the reason for the issues.

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