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15 Common Signs You’re Being Abused By A Narcissist

9. You are irritable and snappy.

If you have done everything in your power to confront your partner about their self-destructive habits and they are unwilling to change for you or themselves, then you really have no other choice in the matter.

This is a very unfortunate way for someone to live their life, but this does not mean that you have to throw yours away for theirs just so they can find a toxic way to be happy. You must find a way out of this relationship with this person in order for your physical and mental well-being.

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10. You do what he/she wants out of fear that he/she will punish you with the silent treatment, cheating or withholding love and affection.

One of the many qualities of a narcissist is that they will blame you for just about everything that you can think of. Especially when it comes to your feelings, because if you decide to suddenly confront them on the way that they are making you feel then they will turn the tables around and tell you that it was your fault the entire time for feeling that way.

If you are not constantly lavishing them in praise or over-exaggerated positive feedback then they will call you a liar, a sneak, or anything else to avoid receiving any kind of negative criticism. They are never the person you should blame simply because they feel as if nothing is ever their fault.

11. You feel worthless.

These kinds of people have very little empathy for those around them and especially their “loved ones”. They care only about themselves, hardly ever apologize for the mistakes they’ve made, expect you to praise them regardless of whatever horrible thing they just did, and are even able of turning the tables on someone who is calling them out on all their crap.

These people are extremely toxic and the people who are stuck in these kinds of relationships should consider leaving them entirely.

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12. You are playing detective.

You Google them, stalk their Facebook page and any other form of social media they have. Narcissists are prone to be chronological liars simply because anything they can lie about to make themselves look ten times better than what they already are then they will do it.

It doesn’t matter who’s in the room with them; they will lie right on the spot in front of so many people just to highlight anything about themselves to make them look good. It doesn’t matter where they are or what is going on, anything it takes to be the beautiful individual that everyone wants to be apart of, they will make it their primary goal for the rest of the day or night.

13. You make excuses for your partner’s bad behavior.

You tell yourself they didn’t mean the cruel things they said. If you didn’t make them so angry they wouldn’t say that. Narcissists are some of the most vindictive beings that you could ever meet and they know how to hold a grudge when they want too.

The only time that they ever feel as if they need to hold a grudge on someone is as if you are asking for the simplest of things, like a healthy/normal relationship with them. If you even come at them with the slightest bit of “inconvenience” they will tear you down and make sure that you are properly punished for your obtuse suggestions. The more time you allow them to stew in their resentment, the more intense it will become.

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14. You try to carefully control your words, actions, tone of voice, and any details you share with your partner out of fear of upsetting them.

Narcissists are prone to being arrogant, especially when you are trying to confront them on the things that are hurting those around them. They will consider this a personal attack from you and decide that you are doubting them at every turn, that you’ve never supported them or their ideas, and that you are the worst person on the planet.

Again, you may think that this is an over exaggeration but this is truly how a narcissist feels whenever someone defies their wishes. These people will always prove to be toxic in the end.

15. You feel responsible for ruining your relationship.

But you’re not exactly sure what you did to ruin it. Narcissists will avoid giving you any kind of credit when it comes to you helping them out. Instead, they will point out all of your flaws, all of the things you should’ve done, and how you are expected to do all of this/more for them.

This is a very self-destructive behavior that a person can have simply because they will seem as if they will never be satisfied with what you give them. If you’ve begun to notice that the person you are dealing with purposely avoids praising you for any kind of effort, you may be experiencing a toxic narcissistic person.

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