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20 Photos People With Borderline Personality Disorder Want to Post, but Don’t 3

11. “I took this selfie from bed one day. I like to remind myself of how I’m feeling and I was feeling pretty good that day, but I lack in the strength to do more than get up daily and do what needs to be done for others and I forget about myself usually. This picture kind of reminds me that I’m absent minded and my thoughts are everywhere. I haven’t had the strength mentally to remind myself to shower in days. My thoughts are everywhere. BPD keeps me bouncing everywhere and I don’t want to share my unkempt look on Facebook for the world to judge when I spend plenty of time judging myself.” — Traci S.

woman selfie

12. “Social anxiety killed me this week, but I still coached a soccer camp. BPD will not beat me.”

soccer camp

13. “This is a screenshot of a conversation between and old friend and I. I’ve wanted to share it on Facebook and haven’t. I want people to know how much I am hurting that another friend has decided to walk away from a friendship with me because they don’t understand the struggles that come along with multiple chronic illnesses (BPD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome). Because they don’t believe how deeply these things affect me, because me sharing my struggles with it at times via Facebook brings them down, or they assume I’m attention seeking. Because its easier for them to walk away rather than take the time to understand.” — Sarah C.

text conversation

14. “I want to share this picture on Facebook with people because I want people to understand just how intense my emotions get. This picture was taken right after I was told I was being overdramatic. I know it’s difficult for those who don’t have BPD to understand just how intense emotions can get for those [who are struggling], but just because you don’t understand how much pain I’m in doesn’t mean I’m being dramatic. It just means I feel more intensely than them.” — Katie C.

woman crying

15. “I didn’t know it at the time of this picture, but this would be the night that would change my life, the night I would try to take my own life in a totally impulsive swing… Internally I was screaming to stop, but externally I just couldn’t get myself to. This was my stepping stone. This was when I decided to reach out for help with my BPD.” — James S.

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