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August, 2017


Only 2% Belong To The INFJs, The World’s Rarest Personality Type. Are You One Of Them?!

Have you always felt that you’re different from the rest? You haven’t really come across a lot of people who understand you. That might be because you belong to the world’s rarest personality type – the INFJs, which is shared by only 2 percent of the entire population. Labelled as “the Advocate”, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa have all been INFJs. And if you’re one, you’re just as special! Two psychologists developed the Myers and Briggs system from Carl Jung’s psychoanalyst theories where they classified personality types by initially breaking down theRead More

The Toxic Attraction Between an Empath & a Narcissist page 2

How we allow others to treat us is a result of our choices. If an empath chooses to stay in a relationship with a narcissist, and refuses to accept responsibility for the state of things, in a sense they are striving towards what they feel they deserve. An empath can’t let his self-worth be determined by a narcissist. It’s essential that they possess enough confidence and courage to see that they don’t deserve the words and actions of the narcissist. We are not responsible to fix anyone. We can’t fixRead More

The Toxic Attraction Between an Empath & a Narcissist.

When it comes to narcissists, all signs point to one universal trait: a narcissist is wounded. More often than not, it’s some event from a person’s childhood that causes them to feel worthless and unappreciated at some point in life, and make them constantly seek out validation. And along come the empaths, the healers. An empath has the ability to sense and internalize other people’s pain, and often take it as though it were their own. If an empath is not consciously aware of boundaries and ways to protect themselves,Read More

If Your Child Shows Any of These 15 Signs They Are A Natural Born Empath

Empathetic children are highly sensitive and during their younger years have a much harder time managing sensory overload. Their senses are just far more intense than those of the rest of the world. Just about everyone fails to truly understand the child empath, and this is something that breaks my heart. When it comes to helping the child empath grow, the right guidance is very important. These generations of empaths to come will be our only hope of making this world a better place once we are dead and gone. If youRead More

If Your Child Shows Any of These 15 Signs They Are A Natural Born Empath 2

10. They react to movies and books more than other children.  They are the kind of child that cries when something sad happens in the book or movie that they are enjoying. This is because they truly empathize with the characters, and when it is a book they can actually see it in their minds. 11. They feel like they don’t fit it.  They don’t feel as if they fit in with the other children. 12. They become overstimulated in crowds. They will become overwhelmed in crowd situations, and becauseRead More

20 Photos People With Borderline Personality Disorder Want to Post, but Don’t

For many, Facebook can be a great way to connect with loved ones and keep up with people you don’t get to see all the time. In a lot of ways, it can be a supportive place to share what’s going on in your life. But sometimes, you want to post something online you don’t want everyoneon your Facebook friends list to see. Sometimes, you want people to know you are struggling, but don’t want to invite judgment in when you’re feeling at your most vulnerable. This is a feeling manyRead More

20 Photos People With Borderline Personality Disorder Want to Post, but Don’t 4

16. “These are the pictures I would like to post, but don’t. It is what I look like when the dark thoughts take over… I am more than just smiling selfies. I am all these things. I am black and white and everything in between. Can you see me? How could I show you this side of me? Will you hate me? Pity me? Judge me? I am to scared to find out.” — Mijenou M.  17. “I dare not show this face and these pictures except only to one person becauseRead More

20 Photos People With Borderline Personality Disorder Want to Post, but Don’t 3

11. “I took this selfie from bed one day. I like to remind myself of how I’m feeling and I was feeling pretty good that day, but I lack in the strength to do more than get up daily and do what needs to be done for others and I forget about myself usually. This picture kind of reminds me that I’m absent minded and my thoughts are everywhere. I haven’t had the strength mentally to remind myself to shower in days. My thoughts are everywhere. BPD keeps me bouncing everywhereRead More

20 Photos People With Borderline Personality Disorder Want to Post, but Don’t 2

6. “This is a comparison of two separate parts of my life — one where I’m high and happy and jolly the other where I’m low, very tearful and very suicidal. Why won’t I put this on social media? Foremost the stigma, people thinking I’m looking for attention, I look ugly and I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone that is that low on a regular basis. So that’s where photo two comes in. I’m trying to secretly hide exactly what I’m feeling in photo one.” — Patrice O. 7. “ThisRead More

How An Empath Sees People Differently, And The 5 Things You Can Never Hide From Them 2

3. Your true emotions. Putting on a happy face when you’re sad may fool most people, but not an empath. They’ll know intuitively whether you’re going through a hard time, so don’t try to fool them — it’d be easier to show your genuine self, and know that they’re likely to support you. 4. Your biggest lies. No matter how accomplished of a liar you may be, the empath will notice the small changes in your internal state that alert them to the presence of lies. Though they may let you getRead More