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August, 2017


How An Empath Sees People Differently, And The 5 Things You Can Never Hide From Them

Because of their intuitive ability to feel and understand others’ emotions, empaths understand when someone is being genuine or fake. Often timid and sweet people, empaths have a hard time with confrontation because of how intensely they feel the whole interaction. Empaths are sensitive people, but this shouldn’t be seen as a weakness. Deeply able to relate to your problems, they will see through what other people take for granted. Here are four things you shouldn’t even bother trying to hide from an empath: 1 . Giving a gift with bad intentions. Don’tRead More

If You Can Sense These 7 Nuances of People’s Behavior, Then You Are Probably an Empath

Empaths are sensitive to slight nuances of behavior that others may be oblivious to. If you notice these things, you are most certainly an empath. If you find that you have a different reaction to someone than your friends, family, and colleagues, it could be that you are picking up on nuances in their behavior that others just don’t see. Empaths are often in the position of knowing something is not right about someone only to have this confirmed weeks, months or even years later. Empaths have this amazing ability because theyRead More