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Sunday, December 31st, 2017


5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Lymphoma

Lymphoma is sadly becoming incredibly popular as a common form of cancer diagnosis currently, in 2016. A large number of patients began to notice their illness by feeling swollen lymph nodes, which can be biopsied and tested to determine if they are malignant or not. One can develop lymphoma in the bone marrow, the spleen, and many other body parts. It is very crucial that you seek medical treatment should you start to experience swollen nodes in your body, and especially so if you find that they are causing youRead More

5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Lymphoma

4. Joey Ramone Joey Ramone is the stage name for the man who’s birth name is Jeffrey Ross Hyman. Ramone was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1995. For more than six years Ramone fought the cancer, but in 2001 he had died from complications from lymphoma. He was 49 years old. Ramone was an American musician. He was the lead singer for the punk rock band the Ramones. The Ramones was founded in 1974 and was quite influential in the music industry. The style of music the band played as wellRead More

What It’s Like to Have Borderline Personality Disorder

“I keep seeing my neighbor’s pool in winter, just an empty bowl of dusty blue tiles. Imagine standing in the middle of that, when suddenly, the pool fills up. In an instant, you’re drowning.” This post originally appeared on VICE Australia. It’s Mental Health Week across Australia. Each state starts and ends the special week at different times, but today—Monday—there’s a lot of overlap. So I want to explain why this week should feel like an important call to arms, and tell you what it’s like to live with aRead More