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Wednesday, January 31st, 2018


The 3 Biggest Mistakes We Make With Narcissists

1. Directly confronting them by calling them a narcissist – with the hope that they will change their behavior. Occasionally I’ll receive a comment on one of my articles that says something like, “I want to send this to my partner!” While I understand the compulsion to do so, I must also caution that this is a dangerous move. When we finally feel validated by a piece of research, a survivor account or a therapist’s perspective, we then want to ‘deliver’ that information to the toxic person – and deepRead More

Watch Live as a Rare ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ Eclipse Crosses the Sky

Skygazers are in for a triple treat early Wednesday, when a total lunar eclipse occurs during a blue moon and a supermoon. It’s a rare event that some have started to call a “super blue blood moon.” The blue moon will take place on Jan. 31. The moon will look larger, beam brighter and give off a reddish glow, hence the “blue blood moon” moniker. The last time these three lunar events happened at the same time was in 1982. The total lunar eclipse will occur when the Earth moves between theRead More