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January, 2018


Five years in jail for men who ’emotionally bully’ wives: New law will target bullies who control partners with ‘coercive and controlling behaviour’

Bullies who emotionally abuse partners face up to five years in prison. Under laws coming into force today, anyone who inflicts psychological cruelty on their other halves can be prosecuted – even if there is no direct physical harm. For the first time, domestic abusers who stop short of lashing out at their victims will be targeted with a new offence where there is evidence of ‘coercive and controlling behaviour’. Bullies: People that psychologically abuse their partners can now face up to five years in prison (file photo) This couldRead More

4 Things Empaths Need To Learn From Heartbreak (Before They Can Find Real Love)

He didn’t break you, he broke you open. The beginning feels like a dream come true. This is the story of many empath women. First, you meet this wonderful guy. He is charming and amazing, and in some ways, you can’t believe he’s real. He makes you feel enthralled, alive and like you have butterflies in your stomach every time you see him or hear from him. He seems like the nicest guy and showers you with love and attention. A few weeks or months in, another side of him shows up. A darkerRead More

Yoga Poses That Can Help With Scoliosis and Why

Helpful Yoga Poses Every body is unique, and so is every scoliosis. There are some general rules on how you can work with your scoliosis, but if you want to know specific poses that could be beneficial for your type of scoliosis, I highly recommend an individual teaching session with a qualified, specialized teacher or yoga therapist. Poses that Lengthen the Spine With any pose, focus on lengthening the spine. The following poses can bring relief and space for your back muscles and space within the spine. Cat and CowRead More

5 Signs You’re Dealing With A Dangerous Female Narcissist

It is quite easy to overlook female narcissists and their even more ruthless cousins, sociopaths. Since female narcissists engage in the same type of relational aggression that teenage girls do, they can easily fly under the radar as the “mean girl” motif coming to life in high definition – something we all assume they will eventually grow out of. Yet research indicates that adolescent girls who use high levels of relational aggression also demonstrate low levels of empathy and caring towards others (Centifanti, et. al 2015). This suggests that the behaviors of gossiping, exclusion and sabotagingRead More

5 Signs You’re Dealing With A Dangerous Female Narcissist

3. She sabotages your friendships and relationships, stirring chaos within social groups. The female narcissist may use her affiliation with her target to gain access to resources or status, but as soon as the idealization phase is over, the devaluation and discard follows. She then engages in rumor-mongering, smear campaigns and creates ‘triangles’ where she feeds others false or humiliating information about the victim. She may pit her friends against each other by claiming that they are gossiping about one another, when in fact, it is her falsehoods that are actually manufacturingRead More

Yoga Poses That Can Help With Scoliosis and Why

I have scoliosis, which was discovered when I was a kid. After my growth spurt, the doctors concluded that I did not have to wear a brace or undergo surgery, which I am grateful for.   I feel fortunate that the scoliosis never really hindered me in life, although I do notice the effects of this misalignment in my body. But it was only after I started yoga that I fully got to understand the ways of my body. What is scoliosis exactly? Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of theRead More

Inside The Mind Of A Girl Broken By An Emotional Psychopath

She was just an ordinary girl. She believed in love and she believed her story would have a happy ending. She heard stories of abusive men and broken women but never, not in her wildest dreams, could she have imagined the same thing happening to her. All she wanted was a normal and happy life—something most of us dream of. She wanted to have a place of her own. It didn’t even have to be fancy, she just wanted something to call her own. She wanted a man by herRead More

Instagram is a narcissist’s dream — here are 7 signs you’ve found one

  According to a recent study, narcissists tend to follow other narcissists on Instagram. Generally, says the study, which will be published in a forthcoming issue of the journal Computers in Human Behavior, we see Instagram users who post selfies and “groupies” as more narcissistic than people who post photos taken by others. But when certain types of narcissists see selfies and groupies, they evaluate the posters in a more positive light. That’s just one of a series of habits scientists have documented among narcissistic Instagram users in the last fewRead More

Why Empaths Act Strange and Feel Uneasy Around Inauthentic People?

  An empath is more than just being emotionally sensitive to the feelings of others; it means you are regularly affected and absorbing the energy of those around you and have an intuitive ability to feel their emotions and moods. Everyone emits energy and feelings, whether they want to or not. Empaths are like emotional sponges, soaking up everything around them and processing what it means for them as well as the person giving off those vibes. For that reason, it can be incredibly draining as an empath because youRead More

13 Stages An Empath and A Narcissist Go Through in A Relationship Together

Some people are meant for each other. And others just aren’t. Some make us better, and some only bring us down. Nevertheless, we cannot choose the people we fall in love with. There is a saying that “opposites attract”, but here is what happens, when an empathic person is in a relationship with his/her opposite – a narcissist: 1. An empathic person falls in love with a narcissistic person, and it is the start of their relationship. An empath will fully commit to the relationship and makes an effort to makeRead More