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Wednesday, February 28th, 2018


How Covert Narcissist Lure Empaths As Their Victims

    Covert narcissists are amongst the sneakiest, most dangerous narcissists of all because they operate like stealth bombers. You know something is wrong with the way they behave and how you feel – but you just can’t quite put your finger on it. Being connected with a covert narcissist is no less than experiencing psychological warfare, as you find yourself being turned in circles – and knots – eventually barely even knowing what is UP or DOWN. If you are in a relationship with a covert narcissist, it would be usualRead More

8 Things Every Empath Experiences And How To Protect Yourself If You Are One

The empath has a trademark characteristic: they feel and absorb other people’s emotions or physical ailments due to their high sensitivities. They are the ones who filter the entire world through their intuition, and appear to have difficulty putting their feelings into words. As an empath myself, I am aware of the multiple challenges that highly sensitive people face on a daily basis. In fact, when they become overwhelmed with the heavy burden of stressful emotions, an empath might experience panic attacks, depression, exhaustion, food or drinking binges or many other symptoms thatRead More

What Women of Color Need to Know About Lupus

After coming home from the gym one day in July 2015, Audrey Ayala suddenly couldn’t speak or see, and she felt a worrisome numbness in her left arm and leg. She ended up in the emergency room, where doctors suspected she was having a stroke. That wasn’t the case. The doctors did not diagnose her with any illnesses, but they did transfer her to a neuro-intensive care unit at another hospital, where she remained for a couple of days. There, doctors ran several tests on Ayala, including MRIs of her brain. TheyRead More

What Women of Color Need to Know About Lupus

These symptoms often overlap with other conditions, which makes it hard to know when to consider lupus. That’s why it’s especially important to know who lupus typically affects. Researchers say women of color are at the top of that list. A September 2017 study published in Arthritis & Rheumatology conducted by researchers at NYU School of Medicine found that black women, Hispanic women, and Asian women all have higher rates of lupus when compared with non-Hispanic white women. The researchers behind the effort, dubbed the Manhattan Lupus Surveillance Program (MLSP), chose toRead More