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February, 2018


6 Best Ways to Get Rid of a Narcissist for Good

4 – Release the need to “do something” Chances are, you’ve been obsessing about writing the narcissist a letter, sharing your discovery of their disorder with them, contacting their spouse or their side-supply, outing them to the public, suggesting couple’s therapy, telling them you’re seeing a therapist or coach because of them, agreeing to “just be friends” or any and all variations of trying to change the inevitable. We’ve been taught as a society that we can achieve the impossible if we just don’t give up.  While this may be true in many cases,Read More


  Stanford researchers injected a combination of two immune boosters directly into tumors in mice. The vaccine destroyed the tumor, then moved on to find other identical cancers. It eventually eliminated all traces of the cancer from the animal’s body. This was repeated in 90 other mice and was successful in 87 of them. Right now, the treatment can only be used to target one specific kind of cancer. It’s been tested on mice with lymphoma, breast, colon and melanoma tumors. Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice Activating T cellsRead More

What You Notice When You Are Near An Empath

I once called the insurance phone number to ask a question. An hour later, the woman had shared her whole life story with me and I am not sure she ever answered my question, but I made her feel better. What is an empath anyway and did I just make that up? There are probably thousands of stories like this for me, but I want you to think about times you have interacted with someone and felt all the same feelings they have…or perhaps they have told you things youRead More

22 Things That Happen When An Empath Falls In Love With A Narcissist

1. The empath enters the relationship wanting deep, unconditional love. The empath is attracted to the narcissist, and feels their need for affection is being met even if the narcissist isn’t doing anything to develop the connection. The empath feels fulfilled and “in love” just from being around them. 2. The empath begins to believe that they have a “once in a lifetime” kind of connection with the narcissist, and the narcissist affirms it – what they have is special. This is what makes it seem impossible to just walkRead More

How Does Narcissistic Parenting Affect Children?

Why does it matter if a parent is a narcissist? How does that hurt a child? You may be asking these questions if you are one of the following: a person who is co-parenting with a narcissistic ex, someone raised by a narcissistic parent, one who is in a love relationship with a narcissist, or maybe a divorce professional working on a case that involves a narcissistic parent. Given my research and clinical experience, I want to provide more education and awareness about how this disorder hurts children. First, let me explain that narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is misunderstood when applied to someoneRead More

The Real Reason You ‘Miss’ The Narcissist – And What You Should Remember When You Do

On the No Contact journey from a narcissistic abuser, our victories should be celebrated. Whether we’ve remained no contact with our former partner for thirty days or an entire year, however, there is that familiar longing that creeps up from time to time. It is irrational and destructive, but it is sometimes inevitable. Remember that your addiction to the narcissist is forged early on in the infancy of the relationship. Love-bombing causes us to cradle the hope of a bright future together. Sweeping, romantic gestures, laser-focused attention, and epic dates are allRead More


Everybody is searching for their purpose in life, and some people struggle with it indefinitely. It might be especially difficult for an empathic person because although they are strong people, feeling as much as they do can be overwhelming. Empathic people experience stress because of the variety of emotions they have to handle daily. Due to their sensitivity, they’re able to pick up on the emotions of people around them, and that’s a lot for an empath to handle. Also, they have heightened senses, so they see, hear, and smell everything moreRead More

Colorado girl suing U.S. attorney general to legalize medical marijuana nationwide

LARKSPUR, Colo. — Alexis Bortell is hardly the first child whose family moved to Colorado for access to medical marijuana. But the 12-year-old is the first Colorado kid to sue U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions over the nation’s official marijuana policy. Alexis Bortell “As the seizures got worse, we had to move to Colorado to get cannabis because it’s illegal in Texas,” said Bortell, who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child. The sixth-grader said traditional medicine wasn’t helping her seizures and doctors in her home state were recommending invasiveRead More

15 Common Signs You’re Being Abused By A Narcissist

  When you are so deeply lost that you can’t even recognize yourself, how do you recognize the signs you’re being abused by a narcissist? It’s completely normal to have a handful of bumps in any relationship, but if you can relate to more than a couple these, it might be time to rethink things. Below are 15 signs that should point you in the right direction. 1. You no longer trust anyone. Above all else, a narcissist will always boast about themselves as if they were the crown jewels.Read More

15 Common Signs You’re Being Abused By A Narcissist

9. You are irritable and snappy. If you have done everything in your power to confront your partner about their self-destructive habits and they are unwilling to change for you or themselves, then you really have no other choice in the matter. This is a very unfortunate way for someone to live their life, but this does not mean that you have to throw yours away for theirs just so they can find a toxic way to be happy. You must find a way out of this relationship with thisRead More