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4 Signs You Might Be an Intuitive Empath

1. Dream Empaths

Dream empaths regularly have vivid dreams that they remember, an experience that frequently starts in childhood. If you’re a dream empath you are attracted to the dream world and look forward to sleeping each night. Dreams are such a powerful form of intuition because they bypass the ego and the linear mind to offer clear intuitive information. They bring guidance about healing, spirituality and overcoming difficult emotions (sometimes through the healing power of nightmares), telling you how to help yourself and others.

Some dream empaths may have spirit guides who communicate with them during sleep. They appear in many forms, such as animals, people, presences, angels or loving voices. They can tell you how to overcome obstacles, reach your goals or lead a more spiritual and peaceful life. Not everyone has specific spirit guides; if you do, be sure to listen to them. They provide helpful, compassionate information—never anything that is harmful to others or to you.

Dream empaths can travel to other realms in dreamtime. I’ve been a dream empath since childhood. I feel more comfortable in dreams than I do awake. Each day, I can only operate in the material world for so long. Then I need to be with the sacredness of the dream world.

As a dream empath, you can develop your abilities. Keep a dream journal and write down your dreams every morning. Upon awakening, spend a few quiet moments in the hypnagogic state, the state between sleeping and waking, and record whatever snatches of your dreams that you remember. Then you can meditate on the meaning of this information throughout the day.

Also, get in the habit of asking a question before you go to sleep, anything from “What direction shall I take in my career?” to “Is this relationship good for me?” In the morning, see how the answer in the dream applies to your question. Regularly remembering and learning from your dreams will help you more deeply understand yourself and others.

2. Telepathic Empaths

Telepathic empaths can intuitively read what is happening with others in present time, even if a person’s thoughts and feelings are unexpressed. They receive images, impressions, flashes and knowings about loved ones, co-workers, clients, even strangers.

Here’s what this phenomenon can look like: You’re thinking about a close friend. Then, the phone rings, and that friend is the caller. You sense that your child is sick, even though she lives a thousand miles away—and later learn that she is indeed sick.

How can you tell if an intuition is accurate and not a projection of your own emotions and issues? Note whether the information you picked up has a neutral or compassionate tone. Be suspect of intuitive flashes with a high emotional charge or that reflect issues you are struggling with. To stay clear, you must know yourself well. For example, if a fear of abandonment is an emotional trigger for you and you keep sensing that a friend or maybe your partner is going to desert you, you are probably projecting your fear onto them. But if you get a matter-of-fact flash, with a neutral tone, that your co-worker is going to leave her job, that insight is most likely accurate. You may be upset afterward because you don’t want to lose this person, but the information didn’t initially carry an emotional charge.

Being a telepathic empath can be overwhelming. Intuitions come from many directions: You sense things about strangers in the grocery store, passersby on the street, co-workers, friends as well as family members. You may not be tuning in intentionally, yet the intuitions still come. To avoid overload, stay grounded. The information you pick up allows you to develop both more insight and compassion for people. It’s a gift to feel this heightened connection to others’ thoughts and feelings. Respect this gift always.

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