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6 Sneaky Tactics Narcissists Use At Christmas

It’s so important to be prepared for the narcissist’s bag of tricks at Christmas time because traditionally this is a ‘hot-spot’ time when narcissists cause untold trauma to many.

If you’ve been in a narcissistic relationship for some time you will probably have a great deal of trepidation, remembering just how horrible the narcissist made Christmas for you last year. Or maybe you haven’t experienced a painful narcissistic Christmas yet, and this may be one where you will need to be prepared.

It can be so awful to experience all the ways that narcissists act out when Christmas threatens to upstage them, and there are a few specific things which narcissists do which are Universal, to try to bring every else’s good Christmas cheer down.

In today’s Thriver TV episode I take you through the 6 sneaky tactics that narcissists can do to significantly hurt, ice out, desert, make the mood terribly uncomfortable or completely upend Christmas for their family and loved ones.

I also take you through how to navigate this potentially disastrous situation, so that no matter what the narcissist does or doesn’t do this Christmas, you can have the best most empowered festivities for you and those you care about.

I promise you I have heard it all in this Community, as well as experienced terrible Christmases myself. Because I have seen and helped people deal with these common nasty behaviours, I feel blessed to share with you how to arm yourself and not let the narcissist ruin Christmas for you and those you love.

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