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7 Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

5. Sense of Entitlement

People with NPD tend to have a sense of entitlement, expecting others to offer them special favors and fulfill their requests without question. If such treatment isn’t awarded to them, they may become impatient or angry. According to Psychology Today, this is because narcissists view others as “existing primarily to serve their own needs.” likens such behavior to that of a toddler “who never learned he is not the center of the world and becomes enraged when others don’t meet his immediate demands.”

6. Take Advantage of Others

According to WebMD, people are naturally drawn to narcissists, finding them “attractive, charismatic, and exciting.” As a result of this, people with NPD may not have any issues getting people to do what they want.

But in cases where the narcissist’s needs are not being met, they have no problem taking advantage of others—with little to no regard for the feelings or interests of these people. As a result of this behavior, narcissists often have very tumultuous friendships and romantic relationships that are quite short-lived.

7. Envious of Others

Experiencing envy of others is another common symptom of NPD. Because of their low self-esteem and need to be superior to others, narcissists see people who have things they don’t—such as tangible items, status or admiration—as threats.

Narcissists may also believe that others are envious of them. And while this is exactly the type of attention the narcissist wants, accusing people of such feelings may put an immediate end to the relationship.

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