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Former Newcastle Falcons captain Doddie Weir makes huge donation to motor neurone disease

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Weir, who won the Premiership with Newcastle, is dedicated his life to funding research into the degenerative condition and helping others who have it

Newcastle Falcons’ Premiership winning former captain Doddie Weir has donated £100,000 to support people with motor neurone disease.

The 47-year-old Scotland rugby legend has pledged to devote his life to helping fund research into the degenerative condition, since he announced his own diagnosis last year.

On Global MND Awareness Day, Weir donated £100,000 to MND Scotland’s grant scheme. The cash will pay for people with the condition to adapt their homes, buy equipment, or take a family holiday.

Weir, who won the Premiership with Newcastle 10 years ago, is also working with England’s MND Association.

He said: “When you are diagnosed with motor neurone disease, the future for you and your family is so terribly bleak. We are committed to helping find a cure for this devastating disease while also helping people affected by MND.

“We have already made some individual awards to families but we also recognise that MND Scotland has the experience and resources to help those who need it most. This is why we are delighted to have committed £100,000 to MND Scotland today, to allow them to use their grant system to make sure the funds we have raised are directed in the most effective way.

“We are also talking to MND Association in England and will have further announcements in the next few weeks about how we hope to support fellow sufferers.”

Earlier this month, Weir’s My Name’5 Doddie Foundation gave £400,000 to support the experts investigating gene therapy for sporadic MND. Newcastle Falcons commissioned a special black and white kit, with the foundation’s logo, which they wore for their match at St James’ Park on March 24

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