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How An Empath Sees People Differently, And The 5 Things You Can Never Hide From Them 2

3. Your true emotions. Putting on a happy face when you’re sad may fool most people, but not an empath. They’ll know intuitively whether you’re going through a hard time, so don’t try to fool them — it’d be easier to show your genuine self, and know that they’re likely to support you.

4. Your biggest lies. No matter how accomplished of a liar you may be, the empath will notice the small changes in your internal state that alert them to the presence of lies. Though they may let you get away with little lies that aren’t hurting anyone, the biggest lies are a giant red flag. In the end, the lie will come out.


While a real empath is hard to find, if you have someone in your life that always seems to know what is under your smile, then please do what you can to keep them in your life. They’ll be a certain boon for your life.

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