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How Being an Empath Can Lead to Adrenal Fatigue, Insomnia, & Exhaustion

It’s probably impossible for any human being who is not an empath themselves to genuinely comprehend what it’s like to be an empath. However, it’s helpful to start be understanding that empaths truly experience many of the feelings, emotions, and sometimes even the thoughts of many other people who they interact with. What’s more, since there are a lot of negative human beings out there—or at least a lot of people who are in negative moods frequently—this means that empaths must constantly struggle to absorb these negative emotions while somehow remaining positive overall.

It’s easy to see how being an empath could be a constantly exhausting experience, especially for empaths who must be around big crowds frequently, for a wide variety of different reasons. After socializing, empathizing, and absorbing in situations like these, most empaths require time alone to recharge their energy in a quiet environment. Many times, if empaths aren’t able to recharge then it can lead to over exhaustion—so even when they do finally have the chance to rest and relax at night, it’s actually impossible to fall asleep. This makes the next day more exhausting, which can make it even harder to sleep, which can make the next day even more exhausting; it can quickly become a cruel and vicious cycle.

More specifically, when the human body experiences stress, the adrenal glands normally release hormones to lessen the anxiety; in the cases of many empaths, these glands are stimulated so much that it causes hyperactivity and makes sleeping even more difficult (if that’s even possible, by that point). Moreover, to make up for this lack of energy many empaths end up overeating—especially pertaining to sugars and salts—but this short-term energy boost results in a long-term energy crash, and again empaths are right back where they started (if not further back).

However, empaths can help their causes if they consume more natural sources of sugar and salt which will provide long-term energy and replenish the adrenal glands. Furthermore, getting active more will also help replenish the adrenal gland, and if it’s possible to regain or maintain a positive attitude in general then the benefits will increase even more. If empaths can follow this advice, then they should begin to notice an increase in sleep, energy, and overall enjoyment of life. Additionally, meditation has also been known to make doing all of these things easier (or possible) and spending time with best friends, family members, and other loved ones are always beneficial.

So, watch an inspiring movie, go for a quiet bike ride on a nature trail, or do other things that genuinely make you happier and more at peace. This is good advice for all human beings to take—but it may help empaths more than most other people.

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