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How Covert Narcissist Lure Empaths As Their Victims



Covert narcissists are amongst the sneakiest, most dangerous narcissists of all because they operate like stealth bombers.

You know something is wrong with the way they behave and how you feel – but you just can’t quite put your finger on it.

Being connected with a covert narcissist is no less than experiencing psychological warfare, as you find yourself being turned in circles – and knots – eventually barely even knowing what is UP or DOWN.

If you are in a relationship with a covert narcissist, it would be usual for you to feel incredibly unsafe and on edge, and to start checking up, investigating him or her, and feeling like you are losing your mind.

Sinisterly and devastatingly … as time goes on, you find that everything this person does is about themselves … whilst your interests, needs, and opinions, as well as yourself, all start to disappear.

Many people report they KNOW they were abused by someone who yells obscenities at them, or who strikes out, threatens or cheats.

Yet what happens when it’s not that obvious and your reality has become so fuzzy that you just can’t be sure?

What happens is this: people can get stuck for DECADES with covert narcissists.

So much so, I have found that the most tortured souls, after narcissist abuse, are often those abused by covert narcissists.

How is the covert narcissist different to the more overt, classic type of narcissist?

Why is it so many people may NOT even know (for a long time) that this person even IS a narcissist?

How do they erode your self-esteem, belief in yourself, confidence and self-identity?

After removing and healing myself from the sticky clutches of a covert narcissist, as well as helping so many other people do so, I know exactly what it is that allows us to get sucked in by them. I also know WHY we try to help them and lose our own life and identity in the process.

I also, absolutely, know HOW to heal and develop ourselves beyond this susceptibility and tendency, so that we NO longer – ever – give up our dreams, purpose, life-force and joy for someone who sucks us dry.

If you know you have had a tendency towards covert narcissists, or are in a relationship with one now – or even if you are not sure exactly what a ‘covert narcissist’ is – I can’t recommend this Thriver TV highly enough.


I was so relieved when I found this KEY link between empaths and covert narcissists, because it enables us to shore ourselves up and NOT be prey to them. I dearly hope today’s Thriver TV episode gives you the awareness of how to be impervious to this trickier type of narcissist.

I look forward to answering your comments and question below.

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