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Inside The Mind Of A Girl Broken By An Emotional Psychopath

She was just an ordinary girl. She believed in love and she believed her story would have a happy ending. She heard stories of abusive men and broken women but never, not in her wildest dreams, could she have imagined the same thing happening to her.

All she wanted was a normal and happy life—something most of us dream of. She wanted to have a place of her own. It didn’t even have to be fancy, she just wanted something to call her own. She wanted a man by her side who would love and respect her and she wanted to have kids with him. She wanted to pass on to them everything she had learned and felt in her life.

Was she wrong? Did she ask for too much? She just wanted to be happy and believe me, she deserved nothing less than that. But unfortunately, her life took a different course.

Everything fell apart. Her dream was torn into pieces and it turned into a nightmare from which she couldn’t wake up. Bright colors were replaced by dim and dark ones. There was no more happiness in her dream. All that was left was pain and suffering.

She fell in love with him even though something was telling her not to. Her intuition was screaming from the inside, but she chose to ignore it. She chose to listen to her heart. She thought her heart could never be wrong. Only this time, her heart had been deceived. He was so infatuating and she couldn’t help herself. She fell under his spell and she saw nothing and no one but him.

All those things she had been dreaming of suddenly became so real when she met him. She imagined their house, she imagined him by her side protecting her from everything bad that might come her way. She thought she finally had it all. She thought she was finally happy.

How could she have known he would sneak inside her mind and turn her into something she was not? How could she have known he would manipulate her and emotionally blackmail her to get what he wanted? How could she have known he would break her and destroy her dreams?

It all began when he showed his true face and broke the fairy tale she was living in into a thousand pieces. It all began when he couldn’t keep up the act anymore and he didn’t have to. She was already his, she loved him. And that was all he needed because he knew she couldn’t just walk away from him that easily. Not from her dreams and not from him whom she gave her love to.

Somewhere deep inside her mind, she knew what was going on, but she was in denial. She didn’t want to accept it. She didn’t want to admit he wasn’t the man she thought she fell in love with. She fought against it because she knew once she admitted it, her life would turn into something she dreaded. Once she admitted it, she would have to face her brokenness.

So she gave him second chances, hoping he would change, but he never did. He continued to molest her and drain her to the core until she had nothing left inside of her. She became an empty shell of what once was a beautiful woman.   



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