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Lies Narcissists Use To Make You Stick Around

“No, I’m better than them.” One of the ways narcissists trap others is to make their victims think that they are the “better” option – even when being alone is the best bet you can have. As a result, they’ll trash talk anyone who comes near you until you feel like they’re the only ones worth your time.

“No, honey, I promise, that’s the last time!” When narcissists really realize they’ve messed up, they’ll dole out promises of “never again” until the cows come home. The fact is, though, that all those promises are lies. They’ll do it again, and again, and again. After all, in their minds, you’ve signaled that it’s okay for them to do it.

“She was so abusive, my ex! A horrible person!” A narcissist often will paint himself as a victim of others in order to gain your sympathy. Then, he’ll use that “horrible experience” he had in the past to make you feel like you need to be easy on him. And, this turns into an excuse for his bad behavior, which leaves you feeling like you have to tolerate him in order to be a decent person.

“Don’t worry about this, it’s fine!” Narcissists love to be the exceptions to people’s rules. When they say this lie, it often means that they will break rules and expect you to take the fall for it if things don’t pan out. And, somehow, they will make you feel like it’s your role – and make you stick around for it.

“Not my fault. That’s on YOU.” To a narcissist, it’s not his fault that his fist ended in your face. To him, it’s YOUR fault, even though you cannot control his actions. This is a classic narcissist lie that often means that you’re about to get into very dangerous territory. Narcissists can’t handle the idea that they’re at fault. Ever. And, they’ll work on getting you to think it’s your fault so that you stick around more.

“I’m doing this because I care for you.” This is not only a narcissist lie, but an abuser lie as well. Narcissists lie to people about their feelings, because people want to be around those who supposedly care about them. When a narc says this, it’s about seducing you and then exploiting you.

“If you leave, I’ll die.” This is the narcissist’s ultimate emotional blackmail move. They will make you stick by even when you don’t want to, simply because they know that you don’t want that kind of guilt on your hands. Hint: He’ll survive, and if he doesn’t, it’s still not your fault.

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