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Narcissists Always Use These 5 Clever Techniques To Take Advantage Of You – Be Careful !

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Well, let us just all agree that it is supremely hard to be with a narcissist!

Yes, they are mean and vicious and they are so very manipulative but
the worst part is that they don’t even realize that they are so bad. They
live in a world where only they are perfect and everyone else just exists
at their disposal.


Here are 5 ways in which narcissists can fool you and take advantage of

1. The Idealization-Devaluation- Discard Phase

Narcissists are very smart. They have a way with people and this way
includes three things: the first is idealization where they make you feel
that you are most ideal person that they could ever get. They will put
you on a pedestal and make you feel great about yourself. The next is the
devaluation phase where they will put you down from the pedestal and
make you feel useless and unnecessary.

This will make you overwhelmed and you will not be able to understand what has just
happened with you. After that is the discard phase in which they are
practically done with you and don’t care for you any longer. Well, aren’t
narcissists bad?

2. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a common phenomenon in which the narcissist will
emotionally manipulate you. Even if they make a mistake they will
make you feel as if you are responsible for it. They will make you feel as

if it is all your fault and they are the victims of the situation. Well,
classic narcissism is there for you!

3. Smear campaigns

After the discard phase, the narcissist will start smear campaigns about
you. This is basically done by them because they want you to be
portrayed as bad and mean. In this way, they can look good and proper
and you will look bad to the people around you. There smear campaigns
can be really bad for your self-esteem. You have to be extremely thick
skinned in order to protect yourself from such a situation.

4. Triangulation

Narcissists love to make triangular situations in a relationship. This
means that they unnecessarily welcome the opinion of other people into
the relationship. This is because they are insecure and they need other
people to validate their feelings and their own selves. You will often find
yourself targeted because of this habit of narcissists.

5. The false self and the true self

Narcissists have two selves; namely the true and the false self. This
means that they change themselves so fast that you will never be able to
comprehend what their actual self is. If you are around a narcissist, you
are sure to realize this in a while that their behavior changes as soon as
someone else comes in the room. They are extremely adept at doing this.

Be warned!

An important thing to remember is that all of these habits of narcissists
are very covert. They won’t do this openly and sometimes you won’t
realize that you are being taken for a ride. But if you are secure, strong
and confident, you can surely destroy the narcissist.

Remember that they also thrive on your insecurity but if you put a strong front, they won’t be able to manipulate you. Point out their vicious behavior as much as you
can and they will be scared to pull off these things in front of you.
If you are the passive aggressive kind, you can also try to teach them a
lesson with love and affection, but let me tell you; that’s very hard.

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