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Experts Reveal 5 signs you’re Dating a Narcissist

Those insecurities can certainly affect romantic relationships. 2. Narcissists have an inflated opinion of their partners. “The journey of dating a narcissist has several distinct phases,” says Sal Raichbach, PsyD, of Ambrosia Treatment Center. “At first, they’ll make you feel special. Since they feel they’re special, only other special people can understand them. Over time though, this feeling will carry less weight. You’ll start to feel like they don’t even really know you, mainly because you don’t spend much time talking about yourself.” ISTOCK.COM/LECHATNOIR Balestrieri agrees, noting that narcissists often fixateRead More

Experts Reveal 5 signs you’re Dating a Narcissist

Everyone can be a little bit selfish, but an ongoing trend can point to a larger concern. Here are a few pointers on how to identify narcissistic behaviors in your partner. “I’ve been out of the relationship for 10 years, and I’m so much happier now.” Mary Magnetico, a chef at Chestnut Creek Baked Goods in Grahamsville, New York, says that she was married to a narcissist. At the beginning of the relationship, he was an entirely different person. “You’re made to feel special,” she tells HealthyWay. “That usually happens rather quickly.Read More

Science Explains Why Intelligent People Need To Be Alone

A new study has just revealed a surprising truth. Contrary to popular belief, socialization isn’t always good for you. This is especially true if you are above-average intelligence. If you live in a big city, you spend more time with people. However, the British Journal of Psychology theorizes that people in metro areas are more dissatisfied. Spending time with loved ones might help, but not enough. More intelligent people do not feel happier in social situations. In fact, the effect is quite negative. According to the study’s abstract: “More intelligent individuals experienceRead More

Living with lymphedema in the summer

So it’s summer in Newfoundland. It’s warm and sunny, even relatively hot and humid at times — and you have lymphedema. How do you manage your chronic swelling and still stay cool this wonderful, but short time of the year? Living in a province that isn’t typically prone to extremely warm weather can cause swelling in people who don’t generally have swelling. But for the population who struggle with the management of lymphedema, the July humidity creates more anxiety than pleasure. Lymphedema is a medical condition in which protein-enriched fluidRead More

Eight-year-old off to LA for treatment to stop spine from strangling heart, lungs

Michelle McMurty took one look at the X-ray of her daughter’s spine and knew it wasn’t good. “I could tell it was quite severe,” she said on first seeing the extent of her eight-year-old Caitlin’s Scoliosis. The X-ray showed her spine had two curves: one at 45 degrees and the other at 42 degrees. The curvature has now progressed to the stage where the top curve is at 55 degrees, and the bottom curve is 50 degrees. Caitlin McMurty, 8, and her mother, Michelle, have learnt a lot about Scolisos since Caitlin was diagnosedRead More

The Only Proven Non-Surgical Treatment for Slowing Scoliosis

The treating orthopaedic surgeon can evaluate these variables and decide on the most appropriate brace style and prescribe the amount of time the brace is to be worn during both the day and night. In general, those who wear the prescribed brace more than 16 hours per day consistently do best. Those in a brace may temporarily remove the brace as needed for bathing, personal hygiene, and for any sport-related activities. Complications associated with bracing When it comes to treating idiopathic scoliosis with bracing, there are a number of complicationsRead More

The Only Proven Non-Surgical Treatment for Slowing Scoliosis

Did you know that bracing is the only nonsurgical treatment proven to slow the progression of certain specific idiopathic scoliosis curves? Read on to learn more about this common and effective treatment option. What does a brace accomplish? When a teenager is diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis, their thoughts may be flooded with any number of fears. For example, it is common to wonder if you will be able to continue to walk on your own, and most people worry about noticeable physical disfigurement. The good news is that about 90Read More

Woman Spreads Awareness on Bone Disease, Shares Terrifying Battle with Curved Spine

  I thought the therapies/rehabilitation sessions were helping but the pain only got worse. I remember one time in cheerleading training when my back pain was so intense I ended up crying (I know some people might say cheerleading was what probably caused my condition to worsen but according to my surgeon, nothing could have prevented the progression. It was just sheer luck.)” Lim engaged herself in therapy sessions to prevent the curve in her spine to get worse and religiously did the exercises at home. Until she discovered thatRead More

Woman Spreads Awareness on Bone Disease, Shares Terrifying Battle with Curved Spine

  Facebook user Pia Lim spreads awareness and recounted her battle with Scoliosis six years ago. Lim said that it was the seamstress who noticed something unusual on her back. She had it checked by a doctor, and was diagnosed with 15-degree Thoracolumbar Dextroscoliosis. Scoliosis, a form of bone disease, which often occurs when a person’s spine curves into a C or S form. It is one of the most frightening illnesses a person can have as there are high chances that it may develop into something worse and might requireRead More


1. A narcissist will make you feel crazy while someone with anxiety already doesn’t trust themselves. A narcissist is never to blame and someone with anxiety will always be the one to apologize. When a victim takes responsibility for unkind actions of a narcissist it feeds into their ego and how much control they have. Someone with anxiety tends to apologize for things they don’t even need to. Someone with anxiety is a narcissist’s easiest prey. 2. A narcissist doesn’t want to change while someone with anxiety constantly tries toRead More