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First-time parents’ heartbreak after tiny dot on scan photo shows up rare condition

A TINY dot on an ultrasound scan led to heartbreak for first-time parents from Garston, after it revealed a rare condition which means their son is fed through a tube. Instead of picking out nursery furniture and baby clothes, Rachael Hale, 26 and partner Shane Cargill, 29, spent an uncertain nine months facing the heartbreaking prospect their unborn baby born may not survive after eagle-eyed doctors spotted a rare condition from an almost unnoticeable dot on a scan picture. In December 2017, their son – baby Charlie James Cargill –Read More

First-time parents’ heartbreak after tiny dot on scan photo shows up rare condition

Baby Charlie James Cargill was born with his bowels outside of his body and had to undergo surgery just six hours old Dad Shane said: “At (Rachael’s) first scan, eight weeks, there was just this little blip near where his belly was. “The doctors noticed it but you’d never have seen it if you didn’t know what you were looking for. “Obviously they know what they’re doing but I’d have never seen it if they hadn’t pointed it out.” A tiny dot on an ultrasound scan revealed Shane Cargill andRead More

Empaths and narcissists make a ‘toxic’ partnership — here’s why they’re attracted to each other

  Empaths and narcissists are often drawn to each other. This is because empaths have a lot of compassion and understanding to give, while narcissists thrive on someone worshipping them. But this isn’t a good match, because empaths tend to forgive everything the narcissist does. This results in them being completely used and degraded, while the narcissist creates more and more chaos. Opposites attract — or so we are told. While this rule has potential to broaden your horizons, people who are poles apart might be drawn together for allRead More

Empath Compassion Fatigue: 7 Signs You Have It + How To Heal

  If you’re an empath, you are all too familiar with overwhelm and burnout. But did you know that you are also particularly susceptible to something called “empath compassion fatigue”? It turns out that for empaths, who literally feel the emotions and energy of others, compassion is not a limitless resource. Empath compassion fatigue is the point when you reach your limit. Suddenly, you realize that your emotional stores are depleted and your compassion has been replaced by apathy, or even anger. Compassion fatigue, which is also known as “secondaryRead More

When Your Mom Is A Master Narcissist, This Is What It Does To You

There are skeletons in my family closet. The kind that haunt you late at night when you can’t sleep. Emotionally, I have had walls up for as long as I can remember. People have always told me, you either know me well or you do not know me at all. I do not have traditional acquaintances per se, and I am certain this has deep roots in trust and abandonment issues that I have harbored my entire life. My mother, you see, is a master narcissist. I always figured thatRead More

9 Warning Signs You’re Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted!

“We all grow tired eventually; it happens to everyone. Even the sun, at the close of the year, is no longer a morning person.” ― Joyce Rachelle. In our speeding life, we get tired sometimes. We can’t control everything that happens in our lives and in this unpredictability, we go through a lot of stress which affects both our physical and mental health. A lot of us get mentally and emotionally exhausted owing to the stress which results in a quite a number unhealthy symptoms within us which disrupt ourRead More

Down syndrome abortion bill passes Utah Senate Committee

  SALT LAKE – A bill prohibiting abortions for mothers with Down syndrome children moved one step closer to becoming law Monday night. A Senate Committee approved House Bill 205 to move forward to the Senate Floor. “We’re excited about it,” said Amber Merkley, mother to a child with Down syndrome and worker for Utah Down Syndrome Foundation. “The information we were given was okay, but a lot of it was outdated. We were directed to a clinic that didn’t exist.” Merkley believes a lot of mothers are pushed inRead More

9 Warning Signs You’re Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted!

(5)  You feel nausea and lethargic: The lethargic feeling, feeling of nausea and dizziness are signs that you need rest and it should be your primary priority. These things happen because you are so stressed out that your body can’t take it anymore and is suffering a break-down. It’s high time you start thinking about recharging yourself.   (6)  You find yourself running away from responsibilities: You do not wish to take responsibilities anymore. You feel there’s an enormous burden on you and you can’t take it anymore. It’s okayRead More

Types of Empaths And Zodiac Signs

We are surrounded by energy vibes wether we see them or not. These vibes affect us all. They change us with every breath we take. Some of us, are more keen on realizing these subtle changes as they can actually sense them. But here’s the tricky part. All empaths are not the same. Hence, there are Types of Empaths. The ones who can actually feel the pain, hear the pain, or maybe sense the what troubles the animals, or the trees etc. Types of Empaths And Zodiac Signs Zodiac SignsRead More

Woman with Down Syndrome defies all odds, becomes a teacher and speaker

An inspiring woman with Down Syndrome shares her journey as she defies all odds and achieves her dreams. Meet Brina Kei Maxino or for her students, Teacher Brina. She may look like your ordinary teacher but her journey is one inspiring story to tell. On her Facebook account, Brina shared that she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at 9 days old. Doctors told her parents the heartbreaking news that she may not live long. When Brina reached 11 years old, doctors again warned them that she may not finish gradeRead More