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Why Empaths Constantly Fall For The ‘Wounded Narcissist’: The Reason Will Surprise You

Narcissist and empaths are in many ways opposites, so when these two become involved in a relationship, it can be trouble. Being with an empath is like heaven for a narcissist, who will revel in the attention and love an empath with lavish on them, but for an empath, it can be a hellish experience leading to mental and emotional anguish. If it’s such a disaster for empaths, why are they seemingly so attracted to narcissists? Empaths are open and loving people, who naturally want to take on other’s painRead More

If You Experience These 8 Signs You Are a Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive to Energy

If You Experience These 8 Signs You Are a Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive to Energy The word empath has been thrown around recently, but what exactly does it mean? And are you one? Empathic people are those that feel a lot. In a sense, they feel everything, not just their own feelings, but also others’ and their energies. All of us are more or less sensitive, but empaths are sensitive to such a degree, that it could be described as a superpower in its own right. There are empaths thatRead More

10 Signs You Are The Target of A Narcissist

“The only person that deserves a special place in your life is someone that never made you feel like you were an option in theirs.” – Shannon L. Alder We all know that physical and psychological abuse can be a terrifying thing to experience, in any relationship. Recently, another form of abuse has been observed by psychologists and they believe that it’s very easy for this abuse to slip through the cracks and remain unnoticed for long periods of time. We’re talking about narcissistic abuse. A narcissistic person is somebodyRead More

A comprehensive guide to the new science of treating lower back pain

Cathryn Jakobson Ramin’s back pain started when she was 16, on the day she flew off her horse and landed on her right hip. For the next four decades, Ramin says her back pain was like a small rodent nibbling at the base of her spine. The aching left her bedridden on some days and made it difficult to work, run a household, and raise her two boys. By 2008, after Ramin had exhausted what seemed like all her options, she elected to have a “minimally invasive” nerve decompression procedure.Read More


What I found surprised me: Many of these approaches really do seem to help, though often with modest effects. But when you compare even those small benefits with the harm we’re currently doing while medically “treating” back pain, the horror of the status quo becomes clear. “No one dies of low back pain,” one back pain expert, University of Amsterdam assistant professor Sidney Rubinstein, summed up, “but people are now dying from the treatment.” Mainstream medicine has failed people with chronic back pain Lower back pain is one of the top reasons peopleRead More


“Our best understanding of low back pain is that it is a complex, biopsychosocial condition — meaning that biological aspects like structural or anatomical causes play some role but psychological and social factors also play a big role,” Roger Chou, a back pain expert and professor at Oregon Health and Science University, summarized. For example, when you compare people with the same MRI results showing the same back injury — bulging discs, say, or facet joint arthritis — some may experience terrible chronic pain while others report no pain at all. AndRead More


Researchers in this 2016 review of the research on exercise for chronic nonspecific low back pain summarized exercise’s range of benefits, including these pretty amazing findings: “Aerobic exercise for 20 min on a cycle ergometer at 70% peak oxygen uptake reduced the pain perception for more than 30 min for patients with [chronic low back pain].” “Improving the flexibility of the lumbar spine and hamstrings can significantly reduce [chronic low back pain] by 18.5%–58%.” “Core stabilization programs have been shown to significantly reduce [chronic low back pain] by 39%–76.8%, and a muscularRead More

How Borderline Personality Disorder Makes a Breakup Feel Like the End of the World

“You were the happiest kid,” my mom commented as we flipped through the pages of my fourth-grade diary. There was no doubt about that. Every entry was full of musings only a carefree child could have. But the cheerful anecdotes about playground politics, crushes and secret handshakes turned into emotional ramblings about the sudden betrayal by my friends. I wrote extensively about how they had started to ignore me, gossip behind my back and exclude me from our usual shenanigans. My stomach tightened when I saw the words “I WISHRead More

How Borderline Personality Disorder Makes a Breakup Feel Like the End of the World

The first time he tried to break up with me, he didn’t respond when I asked him if he loved me. I was confused and heartbroken because I remembered him telling me I was the “love of his life” just the week before. The next morning, he sent an apologetic text claiming he did love me and wanted us to stay together. I was elated yet doubtful he truly meant it. The thought drove me “crazy,” and I asked him repeatedly to be honest about his feelings for me. IRead More

10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Mess With An Empath

On the first look it would seem that Empaths are fragile and emotional people. But this vulnerability to feel deeply and more intensely than other people is actually something you should never take as a weakness. In fact, Empaths are gifted with a superpower that goes beyond just ‘feeling more deeply’ than others. That’s just a byproduct of their real gift. They see through the BS and the pretence. If you think you can manipulate their nature, have in mind that they know what you are doing. What’s the primaryRead More