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The 10 Essential Traits of Every Empath That Can Break Them if They Remain Unmanaged!

Empaths are basically people who feel the world too much. They have a heightened empathy and a hyperperception of emotions, no matter if they are conscious of this or not.
You might know someone who is absolutely drained among large crowds of people, it might be someone from your family, or even you. This is characteristic for Empaths.
In fact, there are 10 essential traits that each authentic Empath possesses but needs to learn how to manage.
If they leave these traits out of their control, the world might break them!

1. They absorb other people’s energy.

Authentic empaths don’t have a control on the energy they absorb. They are set to tears when someone is crying, feel the rage when someone is angry or sink low when someone is afraid.
Because this is their essential trait, empaths could not help it. But once they’re aware that the emotion is not actually their own, they can step back and prevent themselves from further exhaustion.

2. They are highly intuitive.

Empaths feel things on a psychic level. They can tell what others feel by looking at them. They can even feel the intentions behind the words of others and can tell if they are lying. Even if other people don’t tell them, they know what is in their minds.
Sometimes, they might even get angry at someone just because they’ve read the intentions behind something superficially innocent, and they can’t explain it to no one.

3. They are drained spending too much time around people.

Empaths cannot help but absorb the emotions of other people. Such flow of energy is emotionally and mentally draining.
Each empath needs to install a healthy way of recharging in their lifestyle. For most empaths that’s spending time alone, watching movies or reading books.

4. They naturally make other people to open up to them.

People, even strangers, can sense when an empath is there for them to listen to their woes and difficulties. It’s something in their look, their body language and coherence in energy that other people find familiar and comforting.
While helping others is an ideal goal in itself, it does not mean that empaths have to give their energy to every person they meet. They are humans too who need to have their own life and establish strong boundaries.
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