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The 10 Essential Traits of Every Empath That Can Break Them if They Remain Unmanaged!

5. They do not have many friends, but few really close.

Empaths connect with people on a much deeper level than others. They avoid having too many friends because for them it’s either BFF or an acquaintance. There is no in between.
That’s why they do not consider too many people as their real friends, but have only 1 or 2 really strong ones. The depth of their friendship is something beyond measure.

6. They prefer living in a location surrounded by nature.

Empaths prefer to be surrounded by nature because they connect with the vibration of their surroundings. A city, a lively area, a crime area, a highly populated place or busy neighborhood is not an ideal place for an empath to live.
Empaths, ideally, need to locate themselves in a country or a neighborhood where the population is not too dense. A place nearby a forest or a mountain is perfect.

7. They are sensitive souls.

Empaths don’t like to see suffering in others because they feel it. They feel it too much! Sometimes they might even feel the physical pain that others are going through.
When they see violence in TV, they either change channels or walk away. And when they are confronted with an unpleasant scene in a room, they choose to leave when they can’t help it.

8. They can sense when others are lying.

Empaths just get it when others are lying. They only couldn’t prove it because they have no proof other than their inner knowing.
Because of this, it’s easy for empaths to know who to trust and who to avoid.

9. They attract broken people.

This gift is what makes empaths attract broken people. Their emotional state is always in a state of receiving, like an emotional punching bag.
Broken people desperately need to spread the negative emotions and other people usually avoid such encounters. However, an empath listens and absorbs. This is where empaths need to be aware enough to establish a healthy boundary.

10. They put aside their own problems.

Empaths get to the extent of ignoring their own problems and emotions. Carrying the emotions of others as well as their own is an empath’s biggest challenge.
If they can’t manage to separate other people’s emotions from their own, they are prepping up for an imminent breakdown. Empaths have to learn to take care of their own issues first, so they can actually help others.
Optimum health is an essential part in bringing an empath’s unique gifts to the world.
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