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The 21 Stages That Destroy Every Relationship Between an Empath and a Narcissist page2

11. When the breaking point is finally reached, the empath is called “crazy” for the strength of their emotions. By dismissing their deeper needs, the narcissist re-asserts their dominance in the relationship.

12. Confusion sets in for the empath, and they begin to blame themselves for the narcissist’s reactions.

13. The empath doesn’t understand that they’re being manipulated; they still see only their love for their partner. No matter how many friends say otherwise, they’re still unable to see the destructive behavior of the narcissist.

14. Trying to speak from their heart, the empath will communicate truthfully with the narcissist, who will dismiss their behavior and pass the blame onto others.

15. In spite of the feelings of confusion and hurt, the empath will begin to understand the need to change their own way of being. This begins a process of transformation.

16. Being naturally inclined towards being a healer, the empath will draw on their inner strength to help others — and, eventually, themselves.

17. Realizing a sad truth, the empath comes to see that not everyone will be capable of receiving their love and affection. Some people in the world seek only to take from others, and this is a foreign concept to the naturally giving empath.

18. This awakening to the truth will be painful, but the empath will continue to move forward with their own healing and learning processes.

19. The narcissist will assume innocence in all matters, and not pay any respect to the love and care that was given them by the empath. Further walking their own path, they may move further into depression and disconnection.

20. The narcissist will move on to find another victim, another person to feed off of.

21. The empath will have learned, and grown — using their pain as the catalyst for a new phase of life.

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