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The 7 Things That Terrify Every Narcissist, #2 Might Surprise You

Narcissists are terrifying in the way they can destroy your life if you let them gain a foothold in it. There are few things worse than getting stuck in a situation you feel like you can’t get out of as the result of a narcissist.

But what terrifies narcissists? It turns out there are quite a few things, actually. Check them out in the list below:

1) Rejection or abandonment.

As terribly as narcissists may treat the people around them, there are few things they’re more afraid of than being left. They can’t handle it, because it forces them to at least consider themselves. Instead, they need that false security of other people around them at all times, especially the people they can control.

And that’s why if you do threaten to leave they may fly off the handle at you, and if you do get away, they’ll grovel to try and get you back with false promises of reform and change.

2) Being the butt of a joke.

Narcissists can’t laugh at themselves. They’re fully incapable of it. So while they can readily laugh at others’ misfortune, don’t you dare craft a joke or laugh at a situation they find themselves in, because they response will not be proportionate in any way, shape, or form.

Instead, they’ll lash out. Narcissists are very, very sensitive and their fragile sense of self can’t take a joke, because that would require being at peace with their inner self. Narcissists, however, refuse to look inward, and they don’t like the suggestion, even via joke, that they should.

3) Disrespect.

Look, you don’t like it when some fails to respect you, either, but you can move on with your life when it happens. Narcissists? They can’t do that.

Instead, they need people around them to constantly puff them up and tell them how great they are, because they are nothing but empty ego. So when someone does disrespect them? They use every nasty tool at their disposal, including denial, fabricating, false affection, gaslighting, lying, projection, rages, and silent treatment.

4) Being ignored.

If you’re not paying attention to a narcissist, how can they prop up their fragile ego? The truth is, without attention, the narcissist might be forced to look inward, and they can’t handle that. They’d rather be hated than ignored.

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