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The biggest excuses narcissists spin to keep you hooked — and why this makes them dangerous

There’s no limit to their lies

Sometimes, narcissists will play an extreme pity card by telling you they have a mental health condition, and you are a bad person for not excusing them as a result.

“They might say they have a substance abuse problem because they are depressed, or because they’re anxious,” Neo said. “My ex pulled out this whole borderline personality diagnosis on me. Borderline people are emotionally volatile because they can’t regulate their emotions. So he would say he was borderline therefore he was paranoid, therefore he didn’t like me talking to other people.”

Particularly twisted narcissists have also pretended to be ill to get what they want. One of Neo’s clients, for example, paid for her ex-husband to live in a huge house because he told her he had cancer.

Over time, narcissists become more sophisticated because they’re constantly learning tricks about how to manipulate people. That’s how they can get away with such exploitation.

Ultimately, the only thing you can do is get as far away from them as possible, Neo said. You should break away as soon as you know you are with someone who is incapable of empathy, and run far away.

The best revenge you can get is to live your life, learn from the experience, and grow as a result. Finding out you are stronger and happier without them drives narcissists mad.

“Even though he tried to destroy you, you’ve turned the tables and instead created an awesome life courtesy of the lessons from what he did to you. That will piss him off royally,”

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