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This Is How Strong Women Shut Down Narcissistic People


4.Narcissists have the tendency to manipulate people.

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See, narcissistic people control others by having the ability to influence their emotions or their actions, so that things go in their favor.

The catch is that strong women are extremely hard to manipulate. If they don’t feel like doing something or if they have a strong opinion about something, it’s highly unlikely that even the strongest manipulators out there, such as narcissistic people, will trick them into doing things they don’t want.

5.Narcissists often bring down the people they’re surrounded with.

See, in order for them to feel superior, everybody else needs to be below them. That’s why narcissistic people often undermine people, bring them down, or bring up their flaws in the worst possible moment. When a narcissist is feeling down, he’ll use everything and anything he can to bring you down as well, so he can feel better about himself.

The catch is that strong women are not so easily brought down. They are very aware of the person they are, and they know how strong they are. Strong women are also aware of their flaws, and they work on them each and every day, so they never let anybody call them up on their flaws. These things always backfire on narcissists when they use them on strong women.

6.Narcissists have the tendency to act differently in public than in private.

See, narcissistic people have many faces or many shades of one face, and they pull out the one that’s the most convenient for the situation. They’ll agree with your opinion on something when you’re together alone, but when you’re out with other people, they’re most likely to change their opinion in order to please others.

The catch is that strong women will never tolerate this kind of behavior. They’ll immediately expose the narcissist and confront him in public. It’s unusual behavior that narcissistic people are not accustomed to, so they won’t know what hit them.

7.Narcissists play by the rule “attacking is the best defense”.

See, when you catch a narcissist in a lie or when you discover his masquerade, you’ll fight him for two minutes about his behavior, and then you’ll be defending your actions for the next two hours. He just throws the ball in your courtyard and keeps you so busy with defending yourself that you’ll forget what the fight was about in the first place.

The catch with strong women is that they never dim their voices, and they never allow anybody to drift their thoughts from something. So, when the narcissist tries to switch the topic, they’ll cut him in the roots by saying that isn’t the topic of the conversation and that they can get back to that later, but they’ll deal with the original issue first. They won’t leave him a way out, and he’ll have to show his real face.

8.When busted, narcissistic people play the victim.


See, when his real face is revealed, he’ll try to hide behind the mask of a victim. He’ll make excuses for being the way he is and blame it on his ‘abusive’ past. They do this in order to awaken the empathy in people and to make you feel bad for them, so you can forgive them their sins.

The catch with strong women is that they do have emotions and they do feel empathy towards others, but they’re perfectly able to recognize when somebody is playing them. They’ll never be tricked into pitying somebody they should be mad at. They’ll stand untouched by the puppy eyes that narcissists try to pull, and they won’t allow emotions to cloud their judgments.

Strong women stand up to their abusers. They don’t dim their voices, they don’t let others pretend to be something that they are really not, and they don’t allow others to use them as their puppets. They stand up proudly to what they believe, and they are true to themselves no matter what happens. That’s what they expect from others.

Every attempt narcissists try, every stunt they pull, every game they try to play, never work on strong women because they see right through it. And that’s why strong women are so intimidating to narcissistic people.

That’s how strong women shut narcissistic people down.

This Is How Strong Women Shut Down Narcissistic People

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