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This Is The Biggest Difference Between A Fake Empath And A Real One

Have you ever come across a person who calls themselves over sensitive? Who say they are empaths? Who seem to display all the qualities of an empath… but somehow don’t quite sit well with the word.

Each one of us have had their difficult times, have seen the depths of valleys before climbing mountains, have lost dear ones and have been hurt. There are some amongst us who decide to replace the word grief with over sensitivity, they hide behind the term empaths and disregard their soul’s flaws.

For them, being called an Empath is like entering a safe zone. They like being identified as people who are guardians of the emotional world, as those who feel too much and are afraid of ruining the world.

However, that isn’t even close to what an Empath is. Of course, scientifically speaking, empaths have a different psychochemical orientation which heightens their sense of emotional response.  Since their emotional response is higher, so is their emotional aptitude – as compared to a normal person. So, a real empath would never go about preaching about his/her feelings and how he/she is over sensitive. Also, being a good human is much over being over sensitive.

Being a good human demands having the ability to fight your demons on your own, to show the world what good and what bad is through one’s own experiences.

There’s a huge difference between an empath and a stupid imposter seeking sympathy. Their viewpoint regarding the world is the biggest difference.

A Fake Empath’s point of view of the world:

For a fake empath, everything has a different meaning than a real empath. For a fake empath, empaths are people who are over sensitive and are over concerned with “what people think” and “what people feel”. So, if a person start crying while the newspaper article he reads talks about dying animals or starving children, he’s an empath. If you flatter them and they bubble up to the point of bursting with happiness, they’re empaths. However, for a fake empath, flattery is a time to display his/her fake modesty.

For fake empaths, sociopaths are those who hurt empaths. A girlfriend who forgets his birthday, a boyfriend who leaves the toilet seat up, a neighbor who forgets to let out your dog after a million requests – all of them are bundled into the category of a sociopath. If the person in consideration is in a romantic relation with the empath in consideration and hurts the empath, he/she is the worst kind of Sociopath with a capital S.

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