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This Is The Biggest Difference Between A Fake Empath And A Real One

Psychopaths are those who break up with empaths – literally speaking a fake empath’s tongue. If your girlfriend is an empath and loves action movies where as you don’t, you’re a psychopath. If she loves soft music but you’re a punk fan, you’re a psychopath. If she asked you to bring tampons twice and you forget both the times, you’re a psychopath.

Now, if you’re a person an empath cares for whereas you don’t give a penny worth’s attention to the empath because you’re too preoccupied with yourself, you’ll be termed as a narcissist. In a relation with a narcissist, an empath usually does the giving – be it love or emotional support – whereas the narcissist acts like a parasite.

Also, empaths expressing negative feelings are usually empaths caring and being concerned. Whereas a sociopath, psychopath or a narcissists expressing negative feelings are usually rageaholics. Boom.

An empath’s child is an evolved soul free of discipline and other such binds. The child is an Indigo child. However, the child of a sociopath, narcissist or a psychopath is a demon child. He/she may require lessons on discipline. Come what may, he’ll always be placed lower to an Indigo child.

For a fake empath, a soulmate is the person with whom you’ve shared three or more successful dates. Twin flame is the aforementioned person after three months of successful relationship. And an incarnation of Satan is your twin flame after six months.

A Real Empath’s point of view of the world:

A real Empath declares himself as a human no extraordinary than his/her next door neighbor. He/she likes you if you have a good heart, no matter what your post, sex, caste or creed is. Even if you don’t have a good heart and soul and are one of the most despicable human on earth, an empath will respect you. They believe in respecting every living individual.

An empath knows that not everybody might end up liking them and that they would not love everyone. However, they will be judgmental at times. They’ll know that you are a human and are fighting a million demons invisible to the world, that you have flaws like them, that everybody loves each other beneath that wall of prejudice and that is why everybody cares.

They know that they need not save the world; nobody needs to save the world. However, we must learn the art of harmonizing and that we must learn to demolish our demons. They know that this world is created for everyone – animal, human and plant. And they know that one needs to have multiple perspectives to live successfully in a society.

Most importantly, they know they are over sensitive. But they want you to stop worrying about it. They know how to handle life fruitfully.

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