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Why Empaths Constantly Fall For The ‘Wounded Narcissist’?

Narcissist and empaths are in many ways opposites, so when these two become involved in a relationship, it can be trouble. Being with an empath is like heaven for a narcissist, who will revel in the attention and love an empath with lavish on them, but for an empath, it can be a hellish experience leading to mental and emotional anguish.

If it’s such a disaster for empaths, why are they seemingly so attracted to narcissists? Empaths are open and loving people, who naturally want to take on other’s pain and help them deal with it. Compassionate and with an ability to put themselves in another’s shoes, they will go to dramatic lengths to make things better for others, even if it means sacrificing their well-being.

They also are deeply compassionate and believe deep down there is good in all human beings.

Image Courtesy: Couple of Prague

When it comes to narcissists, empaths have a hard time accepting these people as they are selfish beings. They will instead convince themselves their behavior comes from a place of pain, usually because of a deep-rooted trauma in the past. Narcissists are takers, who suck everything they can from a person without feeling guilt or fearing the consequence.

They have no problem taking advantage of the empath’s good nature, who will fail recognize that they lack kindness or good intentions.

Empaths tend to be bad at setting boundaries of what’s acceptable within a relationship and narcissists will fully take advantage of this. Before they know it, they are in complete control of their victim, who they can exploit and manipulate as much as they like.

Once an empath is within the narcissist’s clutches, it can be hard for them to escape. They are pathological liars, who have mastered the art of deception and well-versed in practicing devious methods to get what they want.

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The psychological abuse will be a gradual process, with the empath having no idea what is happening to them when it first starts. The narcissist will paint themselves as the victim, and the empath will be too consumed trying to sooth and help their loved one through their pain, to realize what’s going on.

But can these two types of personalities ever find balance? While they say opposites attract, in this case, it’s unlikely ever to work out. The victim will get so worn down and finally become sick of being constantly blamed for why things aren’t running smoothly. It could take years, but eventually, they will reach a point of no return when they will happily walk away from the relationship completely.

Ending a relationship like this isn’t a defeat, it’s a positive step to regain control over a situation that was always going to end badly. It’s important to remember that remaining in an unhealthy relationship with someone so toxic is never going to be good for you, as this form or psychological abuse will take its toll on your mental and physical health.


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