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You Might Be An Empath If These Behaviors Apply To You

You’ve probably heard of empaths if you’re reading this, and you might be curious about the signs that might indicate empathic abilities in yourself. If you find that you truly are an empath, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from the psychic and energetic threats of the world. If you’ve ever experienced any of these traits, you might require such protection!

1. Mirroring Energy

This trait essentially defines empathy. If someone near you is angry, you feel that anger. If someone is sad, your eyes might start to water.

2. Exceptional Intuition

Others don’t have to tell you how they feel or what they want to do. It almost seems like the other person is only an extension of your own self.

3. Easily Drained By People

Constantly falling in line with foreign emotions makes you cater to those emotions and those people, so you get drained of energy by these experiences.

4. Broken People Are Drawn To You

Most people ignore those with problems, but empaths tend to draw them in. This is because those people have an uncanny awareness that empaths will help.

5. You’re Affected By Large Crowds

Crowds might overwhelm you with all the emotional stimulation coming from so many different people at such a close proximity.

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6. You Feel Your Location

If you’re sensitive enough, you can feel local emotional stress from the nearest city or town. Some empaths choose to live in isolated regions to avoid this.

7. Deep Sensitivity

Other’s suffering essentially becomes your own pain, so you are highly sensitive to the world around you.

8. You Can Tell When Others Are Lying

People who are lying exhibit many traits that are obvious to an empath but often ignored by others. It’s second nature to an empath, and they may not even know how they do it.

9. Emotional Healing

By siphoning off a portion of the pain off others, you are helping them heal. In time, you can learn to control this gift.

10. Ignoring Self

Your focus on the emotions of others often prevents you from dealing with any issues in your own life.

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