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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Lie To An Empath

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Here are ten reasons why they make amazing detectives in their own right. I will also go out on a foot and say Hercule Poirot was an empath. If you do not believe me, read Murder on the Orient Express.


1. They can detect lies

Because hey, whatever you do, you cannot lie to your own heart. You can betray pain, anger, rage, love and whatnot in front of the whole world, but not to your own heart. And that is where our empath friends come in: to swoop in, and bring those long-bottled up things out, things that have destroyed you.

2. Spotting evil

Again, evil is dark, no matter how you dress it. Be in the best suits and skin tanned orange, evil will remain evil. Empaths can look right through all the words spoken ‘bigly’ and tell you just who you are. More importantly, they are very protective of their friends and loved ones and will forewarn them to stay away from danger. They would rather face evil themselves than having it touch their friends.

3. They know who is boss

It doesn’t matter if someone acts all big and strong and shows off. An empath will find out if he really matters or not, in a jiffy. They will also smell out the boss in this case with equal ease, because leadership comes from within and not from shiny suits.

4. Jealousy and hatred

They know how to spot these negative emotions in a person and take them all out. They have in them the power to heal one’s very heart, soul and spirit. Hatred and jealousy never make things easier, they will always make you resent people and avoid them. If you keep adding to the list of people you hate, you will find yourself alone very soon. Seek help from an empath instead and let go.

5. Pre-conceived notions

A.k.a. prejudices. For what they are worth, they are worth nothing. You cannot even judge a book by its cover, let alone a person. Shallow judgements are for the weak of heart and empaths have no issue bringing those out in front of people and calling you on them.

They are really great at unmasking people and they take a deep pleasure in it.

6. They are comforting people

Your repeated lies about being fine will not work on them at all. If you are loved by an empath, they will get to the root of it and bring the cause of your sorrow out, thereby cleansing your soul.

7. They can tell you your true potential

If they care about you, they will tell you that you can do better, because they really know that you truly can do better than you are doing right now. They really know how much you truly deserve.

8. Intrusive thoughts

The ones that make you slit your wrists or try to drown yourself; if anyone can truly heal your heart, it is them, the empaths. They can cleanse your mind of these thoughts and make life sunny again.

9. Taking advantage

Now, because empaths can read your mind, they will know if you are trying to take advantage of them or their loved ones. And needless to say, they won’t let you.

10. They know pretense

When they see it and they hate it. So, if you know an empath, “keep it real.”

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