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11 Warning Signs A Narcissist Is Emotionally Abusing You

Narcissistic abuse is one of the hardest forms of abuse in a relationship, be that emotional or otherwise. If you’re unable to recognize the signs that you’re emotionally abused by a narcissist, this can have a highly negative impact on your confidence, self-esteem, and self – worth.

I’m sure you’ve already met someone who is a narcissist and you know how exhausting and frustrating they are. A narcissist is a type of person who only cares for themselves and has no regard for other people’s feelings and opinions. The only thing they care about and admire is their idealized image of themselves. They see themselves as the strongest, the smartest, and the most beautiful people.

Yet, narcissists are aware of the gap between their inflated sense of self and the façade they show the world. To hide their shortcomings and boost their ego, they manipulate other people and make them feel inferior to them.

You can try to understand their way of thinking and the reasons for their behavior, but chances are you’ll never succeed in this, and you’ll only fall into their trap and become a victim of their emotional abuse.

And if you already suspect that you’re a victim of narcissistic abuse, here are the 11 signs you should look out for.

1. You have low self – esteem.

If you’re a victim of narcissistic abuse, most likely you have a low image of yourself. In fact, that’s the primary aim of narcissists – to make you think you’re not good and smart enough. By making you feel less and inferior to them, it’s easier for them to gain control over you.

2. They constantly criticize and put you down.

Narcissists are never reluctant or ashamed to tell and remind you how incapable and unworthy you are. Even at times when you feel happy and satisfied with yourself, they’re always there to criticize and belittle you and dampen any spark of enthusiasm you have.

3. You feel like nothing you do is ever good enough.

You’re constantly trying to improve yourself and your relationships, but nothing you do is ever good enough. They can make you believe in that yourself through their persistent negativity, backhanded comments, and constant downplaying of the importance of your achievements.

4. You begin to think that you’re going crazy.

A narcissist’s mind games can distort your perception of the world and make you suspect everything you’ve believed in so far. By the means of their manipulation tactics, they can make you think you’re imagining stuff and that you’re too emotional and overreacting. They can even make you doubt your own logic and sanity.

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