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14 Signs That You’re Dating An Empath.

Forging a strong bond between two souls is something sacred. When one of the partners in the relationship is an empath, it’s even more special and powerful.

You have to be aware that empaths are special. They are lightworkers on Earth who have special empathic abilities. Their love and compassion for humanity are powerful and their insight is strong. However, they have issues to establish a relationship because of the nature of their soul.

In this article, we share the signs that indicate you are dating an empath:

1) They can’t stand being lied to.

They can’t be lied to! They have a special empathic ability that will enable them to see through you every time you try to be indecent.

2) Time alone is non-negotiable.

Their world is huge and their burden is massive. They need to spend time with themselves and the universe, that’s something that you must give them and they won’t even ask. They keep their privacy as their hidden temple.

3) They are creative.

They have a creative mind and they love to express themselves. They could have many hobbies, from singing to painting or acting-they are multitalented and know how to display their skills.

4) They easily get overwhelmed in public spaces.

They can’t stand large crowds and public places. They feel overwhelmed by all of the emotions.

5) They are deeply intense and passionate.

They establish a deep connection between the two souls. They love their partners and fully invest themselves in the relationship, but they demand the same from their partners.

6) They love animals.

They have a special connection with nature. They love animals and want to have many pets.

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