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17 Things That Happen When An Empath Loves A Narcissist

10. What neither member of the relationship realize, is that even after it ends (which it will), both parties continue to suffer.

The narcissist will continue on to other, equally toxic relationships, and pursue various avenues in their life — but they will still be miserable.

11. And the empath will continue experiencing the abuse from a narcissist because it works like a poison in their mind and body.

It enters every cell with one purpose — to destroy the reality of their target.

12. After the relationship falls apart, the empath looks to themselves as the problem.

Surely it is their fault- they must have failed in some way. All of the narcissist’s toxic words come back to haunt the empath, and they think “maybe I was selfish for thinking about my own needs.”

13. However, the empath doesn’t realize something very important- there is nothing wrong with them, and they didn’t “fail” anything or anyone.

In fact, there is something very right with them.

They simply were manipulated, used and lied to by someone who had no remorse about hurting another individual.

14. This begins the empaths powerful transformation.

It is a painful process, but so is being with a narcissist. They begin to understand that in order to grow, they must re-evaluate their “healing” process. Everyone is worthy of love, but not everyone is deserving of trust.

15. The empath will heal.

It takes a realization that they too were broken and damaged, like the narcissist, but they are willing to recognize that-whereas the narcissist simply refuses to believe they could possibly be flawed or in need of anything (or anyone).

16. The narcissist will carry on.

Looking for their next victim, completely unaware that their unhappiness is caused by themselves.

17. The empath will grow from this experience and recognize that parts of themselves they must protect.

They will balance if they are to live a wiser, more enriched life.

Source: Unisoul Theory

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