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Saturday, April 14th, 2018


3 Signs Someone Is Suffering From Post Narcissist Stress Disorder (PNSD)

What is Post Narcissist Stress Disorder (PNSD)? Much like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PNSD is a disorder that comes about after one has been living in close proximity to a narcissist. Living with a narcissist can be extremely taxing on a person. Narcissists tend to be extremely manipulative and abusive. They will often gaslight their victims and make everything about their own feelings. After getting free of a narcissist’s influence, people can often experience a period of helplessness, anxiety, anger, or depression, much like what happens after a traumatic event.Read More

3 Signs Someone Is Suffering From Post Narcissist Stress Disorder (PNSD)

Knowing the symptoms of PNSD can be incredibly helpful, especially when you’re trying to figure out what can be done to aid a survivor of a narcissist. Here are some ways to make the life of a survivor easier and help their transition from living with a narcissist to living their lives again. 1. LISTEN Survivors will want to tell their truth as they remember it. Allow them to speak. Listen to them and validate what they’re saying. WikiHow states, “Use active listening. Don’t interrupt but try to repeat what youRead More

New Study Sheds Light on Genetic Differences in Types of Lymphoma

The research could help steer patients to more appropriate treatments based on the genetic underpinnings of their disease. In a major step toward improving treatment for lymphoma, researchers have published information that suggests genetic sub-types of the disease can be identified and used to help doctors tailor treatments to individual patients. The study, published April 12, 2018 in the New England Journal of Medicine, was led by researchers at the Center for Cancer Research at the National Cancer Institute and represents many years of study to better understand the various gene mutationsRead More