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May, 2018


How to spot a covert narcissist, according to a therapist

Narcissists can be very difficult to spot. Over time, they learn how to optimally manipulate their victims, and get by with their schemes without anyone questioning them. What makes it even more confusing is that they don’t all act the same way. Certain patterns of behaviour are consistent, such as when they idealise, devalue, then discard their romantic partners. But there are actually three distinct types of narcissists who act very differently on the outside, according to therapist Elinor Greenberg. One of the toughest sub-types to spot is the covert narcissist,Read More

How To Identify An Extreme Narcissist

The spouse of the extreme narcissist shouldn’t expect to stick around for long, even if they’re willing to put up with the narcissist’s selfish or hurtful behaviour. The extreme narcissist might be superficially charming to people outside their family but at home, they let their true, nasty colours show. They desire recognition and praise, so they’ll make the effort to butter up those people who’ll speak highly of them in public and bolster their reputation. At home, they have no need to be pleasant with their spouse. The prey hasRead More

Can Bell’s Palsy Be Successfully Treated With Cannabis?

3. Headaches Headaches are a common symptom of Bell’s Palsy. Interestingly, cannabis has been used as a treatment for headaches for centuries. Even into the early twentieth century, physicians used to prefer cannabis as an effective treatment for chronic headaches. Various types of headaches seem to respond to cannabis, including migraines and tension headaches. While cannabis may not always make the pain go away completely, many medical cannabis patients find that the herb can lessen the sensation. Many medical cannabis patients also find that the euphoric uplift caused from psychoactive cannabis helps them forgetRead More

Can Bell’s Palsy Be Successfully Treated With Cannabis?

Medical cannabis consumers pick up the herb for a variety of neurological conditions. But, what about Bell’s Palsy? Here are the details. Patients with a wide variety of medical conditions find relief with cannabis. While the herb is certainly no miracle cure, it can be an extremely useful tool for managing common ailments like pain and inflammation. But, what about a neurological condition like Bell’s Palsy? There are few effective therapies available for the disorder, and the verdict is out on whether cannabis is an effective treatment. However, there mayRead More

Breaking down Bell’s Palsy: 6 years later, our Mary King takes a closer look at her diagnosis

“When your blood volume goes up, it goes up everywhere, so pretty much everything gets swollen when you’re pregnant, including nerves around your face,” said Dr. Douglas Addy, an OBGYN with Lexington Medical Center. In addition to pregnancy and diabetes, other possible triggers for the condition are a viral infection like the cold sore virus, the flu or flu-like illnesses, headaches, high blood pressure, Lyme disease and other traumas according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. The institute also provides a list of symptoms that can vary personRead More

Breaking down Bell’s Palsy: 6 years later, our Mary King takes a closer look at her diagnosis

Six years ago this Friday, Mary King went from reporting the news on a Friday morning, to having complete paralysis on the right side of her face by that night. A trip to the ER would rule out a stroke, but it introduced her to the words- Bell’s Palsy. In sharing her journey then, she quickly heard from people all over the world who had or were experiencing Bell’s Palsy, and she has continued to receive emails to this day. However, six years later, doctors rarely pinpoint exactly what causes theRead More

‘I miss my own voice’ – living with Motor Neuron Disease

As the crisis for community care continues, we have heard many valiant stories of those who dedicate their lives to caring for loved ones. The 2016 census revealed the number providing regular unpaid help for a friend or family member increased by 4.4 per cent, standing at 195,263. But what does it feel like to be the one whose everyday needs are in the hands of others, and to watch your loved ones struggle with the burden? In Patricia Sweeney’s home in Clonmel, Tipperary, a photograph, in a silver frame, shows aRead More

6 Tactics Narcissists Will Use To Silence You

An example of this would be someone turning the conversation to “crazy/off-track topics, or “escalating” the discussion to something more personal. Instead, insist on keeping the topic of the conversation out in front. Resist the urge to respond to personal attacks; remain calm and focused, and you’ll be able to maintain control. Triangulation To make themselves seem more credible—and to dismiss their partner’s feelings—narcissists may bring another person into the mix in an attempt to “stack the deck” in their favor. They might say, ‘Well it’s not only me whoRead More

6 Tactics Narcissists Will Use To Silence You

Are you the victim of a narcissist’s toxic manipulation? Check out some of their most common approaches to twisting your mind.   Who among us can say that they haven’t sat in front of a computer screen for hours, playing armchair psychologist while trying to diagnose a friend, lover, family member—or themselves—with some kind of mental illness? As humans, we love to categorize and to pathologize, but while every individual may contain traces of a number of diagnosable personality disorders, this doesn’t mean they actually have the disorder. Personality disorders exist on aRead More

4 Tricks Narcissists Use To Stay The Center Of Attention

Narcissists always need to be at the center of everybody’s attention. They boast, they brag, and they tell exaggerated stories so that they can be at the forefront of peoples’ minds. What makes them worse, is that they’ve been working on their methods for years, which makes their lies harder to spot. They often mix full-blown lies with truths and half-truths so that they can get away with things more easily. Narcissists have no capacity for empathy, understanding, or validation, but they’ve worked hard in order to fake it. IfRead More