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Monday, June 25th, 2018


Inside The Heart Of A Woman Broken By A Narcissist

He came into her life like the most welcome guest. He was everything she ever wished for…or at least he seemed to be. He walked through her life spreading his charm everywhere. That unexplainable charm… nobody could help themselves but fall for it. And he left damaging footprints. He stepped on her self-confidence and self-worth so proudly, without any fear that he might harm her. And he did. He created a total mess in her head. He set a fire and watched it burn. A narcissist broke her soft, fragile heart. Now,Read More

Why It’s Okay To Cut Toxic Family Members Out of Your Life

This abusive behavior isn’t confined to romantic relationships because anyone can have a toxic influence on your life. Shannon Battle, LPC LCAS for the last eight years at Families Services of America, tells Her Campus that the best way to approach a toxic person is first to establish boundaries. To help stick to these boundaries, Battle suggests, “Anytime you deal with toxicity, understand there is a learning curve. There will be periods of uncertainty, guilt, and possible loss in relationships. You have to determine the level of sacrifice you are willing to makeRead More

Why It’s Okay To Cut Toxic Family Members Out of Your Life

We get it, your connection with your family is supposed to be this mythical bond that nobody and nothing can break—however, sometimes it’s okay to distance yourself from certain family members, even if that means cutting them off indefinitely. You should never compromise your mental, emotional or physical health for the sake of tolerating a toxic family member. Before you start blocking Aunt Susan and your second cousin, it’s important to recognize the signs of a toxic person: They’re judgmental. Constructive criticism is healthy, but persistent, unwarranted criticism can deteriorate anyone’sRead More