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Thursday, June 28th, 2018


Genetic link discovered between Alzheimer’s and Down Syndrome could pave way for future treatment

WASHINGTON D.C. [USA]: Genes linking Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome have been discovered, a new research has claimed. Scientists from The Francis Crick Institute took a step closer to understand which genes are responsible for early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome. The findings could pave the way for future medicines to prevent the disease in these individuals, and provide insights into the mechanisms that cause dementia in the general population. Around 1 in 800 people are born with Down syndrome, which arose in people carrying an extra copy ofRead More

A Narcissist Never Changes His Stripes, He Just Changes Partners

Narcissists are dutiful chameleons, forever adapting to their new environment and running from themselves. As long as they can be someone else with every new partner, why change? They’re getting constant love, great sex, and endless amount of affection and attention—all the good bits from a relationship. They don’t actually do love, they do fun, thrills, and passion. They stay around for all the light-hearted parts of the relationship, and just when the partner thinks they’re settling into a long-term romance, the narcissist shapeshifts into someone unrecognizable. While the partner is buyingRead More

A Narcissist Never Changes His Stripes, He Just Changes Partners

And let’s not forget, the new woman should be totally different from all the others who came before her—I mean, good lord, they all demanded his time, affection, and love. They were needy, clingy, controlling, and suspicious of him. This poor, poor sap is just a hopeless romantic and desperately wants to find his happily ever after. The new woman undoubtedly falls for the smoke and mirrors act, gladly steps up for the starring role in his play, and ensures she NEVER ever acts anything like his exes. They soundRead More