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June, 2018


She Has Down Syndrome But She Just Graduated From High School With a 3.7 GPA

Young people with Down syndrome are constantly surprising their communities by showing how much they can achieve. They are learning to read and write, graduating from high school and college, and becoming fashion models and business owners. Now, a Washington, D.C. teen made history last week when she became the first student with Down syndrome to graduate with a full high school diploma from the D.C. Public Schools, The Federalist reports. Madison Essig graduated with 3.7 GPA and National Honor Society honors, but her mother had to fight to ensure herRead More

Girl with Down syndrome separated from mom at border

A 10-year-old Mexican girl with Down syndrome was separated from her mother while entering the US and put into a federal facility, Mexico’s foreign minister said Tuesday while denouncing the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” border policy. Luis Videgaray said at least 21 Mexican kids have been separated from their parents in recent weeks, including the “heartbreaking case” of the 10-year-old girl — whose father is a legal US resident, according to the Wall Street Journal. She’s being held at a center in McAllen, Texas, while her mom is in Brownsville. Videgaray saidRead More

More people should choose to have children with Down syndrome

Similarly, concerns about negative effects on families of parenting a child with Down syndrome are unfounded. Research shows that such families tend to be as stable and well functioning as families that include only non-disabled children. Again, many people know such families, and know that they flourish. So I doubt that widespread abortion of foetuses with Down syndrome is motivated by worries about family functioning. Some have pointed out that in countries such as the US, where there isn’t universal access to healthcare, the prospect of bringing a child with a disabilityRead More

More people should choose to have children with Down syndrome

A bioethics professor whose son has trisomy 21 is alarmed at the number who choose abortion. My son Aaron, aged nine, has Down syndrome. If you look at photos of our family, his disability might not be readily apparent. He wears glasses, and he likes to pull his baseball cap down low over his forehead, which makes the characteristic almond shape of his eyes difficult to see. At first glance, Aaron might look like any other nine-year-old – and that seems fitting because much of his life revolves around theRead More

Former Newcastle Falcons captain Doddie Weir makes huge donation to motor neurone disease

Weir, who won the Premiership with Newcastle, is dedicated his life to funding research into the degenerative condition and helping others who have it Newcastle Falcons’ Premiership winning former captain Doddie Weir has donated £100,000 to support people with motor neurone disease. The 47-year-old Scotland rugby legend has pledged to devote his life to helping fund research into the degenerative condition, since he announced his own diagnosis last year. On Global MND Awareness Day, Weir donated £100,000 to MND Scotland’s grant scheme. The cash will pay for people with theRead More

There are many different types of narcissists, and it’s about time you found out if you were raised by one

Narcissistic parents use guilt, gaslighting, and emotional manipulation. Your feelings and thoughts were often dismissed in favor of theirs. You often felt lonely and confused. There’s a reason you clicked on this article. It could be because of hazy memories from childhood, lingering doubts about your experiences and if it is normal, and the emotions that still remain unresolved. As a child, you depended on your parents to be taken care, physically and emotionally. But parents can only give what they themselves have. If your mother or father struggled withRead More

Touching tributes paid after Lancaster mum with Motor Neurone Disease passes away

  A Lancaster mum-of-two living with Motor Neurone Disease has passed away peacefully at home. Nayeli Cookson died on Saturday surrounded by family, including her mum and sister from Mexico. She was 41 years old. Her husband Guy has paid tribute to his wife, speaking of her “beautiful, mischievous smile” as well as the “spirit, grace and humour” she had following her MND diagnosis. The couple have two sons, Oscar, 10, and seven-year-old Mateo. Guy, 41, a partner at Hotfoot Design, said: “Oscar, Mateo and I will miss Nayeli moreRead More

8 Things That Happen When You Hurt A Strong Girl

1. When you hurt a strong girl, you will leave her disoriented. She won’t know what to do in that moment and she will just hide somewhere to cry her eyes out. Because a girl like this has been too strong for too long but she can’t keep doing that anymore. She needs to get you out of her system. She will scream, she will cry, she will destroy the entire house and she will look like she is insane. Then she will accept what happened and she will withdrawRead More

Study Claims Narcissists Are Just Really Needy People

Everybody knows a narcissist, but not everybody has a parent who’s one. My mother is a huge narcissist — she makes everything about her, and the comfort of others is never her concern. Recently, she hurt her back and called the ambulance (at 4AM) when the pain became unbearable. However, my mother didn’t like being in the hospital, so she checked herself out the next day, demanding that my niece come pick her up. It was fine … except she wasn’t fine; her back still had four fractures, and she needed medical care.Read More

BRAVE BATTLE Devoted Scots wife lays bare harsh reality of Motor Neurone Disease but insists husband’s illness isn’t a death sentence

Despite the tough time the couple have had, Irene wants to mark MND Awareness Week by challenging misconceptions about the illness A DEVOTED wife has laid bare the harsh reality of Motor Neurone Disease — but insists her husband’s illness is not a death sentence. Irene Woolf, 62, cares for Michael in their Dunbar home after he was diagnosed with MND in December 2016. The former joiner worked as a carer himself before the neurodegenerative disorder left him unable to walk or talk. His rapid decline came after initial symptomsRead More