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July, 2018



1. A narcissist will make you feel crazy while someone with anxiety already doesn’t trust themselves. A narcissist is never to blame and someone with anxiety will always be the one to apologize. When a victim takes responsibility for unkind actions of a narcissist it feeds into their ego and how much control they have. Someone with anxiety tends to apologize for things they don’t even need to. Someone with anxiety is a narcissist’s easiest prey. 2. A narcissist doesn’t want to change while someone with anxiety constantly tries toRead More


8. A narcissist will pick you apart while someone with anxiety already picks themselves apart and is an easy victim. A narcissist will groom insecurity within its victim to a point where they don’t even have to be the ones tearing them down anymore. They hold you to these unrealistic and unattainable standards that no one can reach. Someone with anxiety tries so hard to be good enough then picks themselves apart and people wonder why don’t they have more confidence. When someone is tearing you down every chance theyRead More

5 SignsYourPartner Is Gaslighting You Without You Even Knowing It

In case you didn’t know what is gaslighting, it is a kind of psychological manipulation that makes you doubt yourself. From your memory to your perceptions to your sanity, this form of brainwashing is not very obvious. It is often used by dictators and cult leaders to manipulate the masses. It is very difficult to figure out if this is happening to you, but there will always be signs. Here are five warning signs that should be considered red flags. They make you question your own memories They do itRead More

7 Really Clear Signs A Narcissist Is Trying To Manipulate You

When it comes to the types of people in our lives who are simply not good for us, narcissist manipulators rank among the top most toxic of all. They’re the individuals who care only about themselves and who stop at nothing to get exactly what they want. As such, a narcissist will always selfishly place their own needs, desires, and emotions first when making decisions and they won’t think twice about using people for their own advantage. They are relentless in their quest for personal power and success which isRead More

How you know you’re not the narcissist: your proof

Enter gaslighting which we will consider for now to be all the manipulations employed to achieve your disempowerment. These are the tools used to brainwash you into believing you cannot trust your understanding of reality, or your mental health. When you are in this space you have essentially lost all trust in yourself. You are fully disempowered. This is precisely where they want you. Doubting all you know of yourself and reality is the foundation needed for the narc to get away with pretty much anything. Brainwashing During devaluation, brainwashingRead More

How you know you’re not the narcissist: your proof

‘How do I know I’m not the narcissist???’ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this frantic question. But let me tell you. Asking yourself this is a testament to the fact that the narcissist is inside your head, and the abuse is working. It’s also clear evidence that you are simply not a narcissist. Reading these few words isn’t going to convince you though, right? I’m guessing that for you to be asking yourself this, your journey of recovery has progressed to the point where you’ve doneRead More

Life After Loving a Narcissist

My friends tried to tell me I was stupid for letting my guard down as fast as I did but it just felt right… he felt right. It was nice to laugh with someone instead of fighting with them and that’s what we did. We laughed all the time. We enjoyed the same music and the same TV shows, shared similar interests in so many things that we never ran out of things to talk about. We could stay up for hours talking. He was mysterious in a way andRead More

Life After Loving a Narcissist

  Not once in my life did I ever think I would need to write these words. Not once did I ever think I would leave myself so vulnerable to fall under the spell of a narcissist but it happened. So here’s my story and what I learned about how to love myself after loving a heartless man. I had just gotten a divorce and was taking a ride on the emotional roller coaster that comes along with it. I had finally found peace and was starting to be happyRead More

Inside the Narcissist’s Mind and Their World of Illusions!

A narcissist possesses specific traits, like requiring excessive admiration or having a sense of entitlement. If you’ve worked for or lived with a narcissist, then you probably know that they see themselves differently — preferentially — in comparison with other people, making the people around them less valued. They victimize the people around them by being who they are. Any relationship with a narcissist can be toxic. A narcissist builds you up as they know it is what you need. You’re in pain. You’re suffering. Next, the “magic” occurs —Read More

What A Narcissist Says (And What They Really Mean)

Narcissists are expert manipulators, and they’ll do just about anything to avoid a bruised ego. Here’s what to know (and where to draw the line). Narcissism is, by most estimations, a rare disorder. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, about 0.5 to 1 percent of people are diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). However, many psychologists believe narcissism is on the rise; the American Psychological Association notes that one major 2008 study found that 9.4 percent of Americans in their 20s had experienced NPD at some point in their lives (comparedRead More