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July, 2018


What A Narcissist Says (And What They Really Mean)

“Even if the argument wasn’t a big deal, he’d make it a big deal,” Amber says. “He was incapable of saying, ‘Sorry, my bad. Let’s move on.’ If I brought up something, he’d counter with something that I did. I’ve been in plenty of relationships where the occasional argument strayed into that territory—with [my partner] bringing up my issues—but with him, it was something else.” ISTOCK.COM/ANTONIO_DIAZ We weren’t able to speak with Amber’s partner for this piece, but his actions are in line with typical narcissistic behaviors. “To manipulate and control others,Read More

“I woke up to see that half my face was not moving… I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy,” film editor Apurva Asrani opens up

    Last year was a difficult one for me. My parents were both in hospital and my father was battling for his life; my closest collaborator and I fell out; and my career hit a really rough patch. I became angry and I became afraid. To make matters worse, I also broke my foot. Six sedentary weeks later, one fine morning, I woke up and saw that half my face was not moving. I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy—a bilateral facial paralysis. To have a distorted, frozen face whileRead More

Canadian surgeon performs 1st ApiFix scoliosis surgery in North America: 4 key insights

Ron El-Hawary, MD, performed adolescent idiopathic scoliosis surgery using the ApiFix procedure at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Canada. Here are four things to know: 1. The IWK Health Centre is the only place facility in North America to offer the procedure. 2. The ApiFix System has one rod with several flexible joints. It attaches to the spine with two to four screws. 3. According to Dr. El-Hawary, spinal fusion is considered the gold standard of surgical treatment for AIS, but it may lead to the development of spinal arthritis. “Fusionless”Read More

New scoliosis surgery ‘could be revolutionary,’ but Halifax surgeon says questions remain

The surgeon’s efforts are being watched by other physicians across North America as the device hasn’t yet been approved in the United States. El-Hawary is also hearing from patients as far away as South America and Australia who are interested in the ApiFix approach. He has performed the surgery six times in Halifax, and more are planned in the coming weeks. “First and foremost, I would like to be able to offer this to the patients in the Maritime provinces. The only time we’re doing extra patients from elsewhere, we’re doing ourRead More

New scoliosis surgery ‘could be revolutionary,’ but Halifax surgeon says questions remain

The ApiFix device was developed in Israel. Instead of two rods, it’s one with several joints that are flexible. It attaches to the spine with two to four screws. El-Hawary spent months researching the device and procedure before he became convinced of its potential. X-rays of a patient who received an ApiFix device show the change in the curvature of the spine months after the surgery. (Submitted by the IWK Hospital) “I think it could be revolutionary, I think it’s a really intriguing concept,” said El-Hawary. He said there are many benefits to theRead More

Scoliosis surgery breakthrough in Halifax

IWK Hospital in Halifax the only place in North America to offer ApiFix procedure A teenager from southern Ontario says her quality of life has changed dramatically after travelling to Halifax for a new spinal surgery that one surgeon says has the possibility to dramatically change the way children with scoliosis are treated. Just six patients have had the surgery so far, including 14-year-old Jessica Robb of Westover, Ont., who said that within a week of the surgery, she felt a difference. “I felt a little straighter. I was still in pain aRead More

5 Ways to Reduce Lymphedema Risk After Breast Cancer Treatment

In a perfect world, you would hear about the risk of lymphedema before cancer treatment. But not everyone does, even though cancer patients, especially breast cancer patients, are at a high risk of developing the condition. Lymphedema causes parts of the body, usually the parts of the body near the treatment site, to become swollen and inflamed. For breast cancer patients, it’s common to develop lymphedema in the hands, arms, or shoulder area. When the lymphatic system is damaged because of radiation or the surgical removal of lymph nodes, lymph fluid canRead More

Is It Possible to Treat Scoliosis?

Observation You may not require any treatment for mild curves, and that is usually true in 90% of scoliosis cases. You should talk to your healthcare provider if you notice your child have this condition. In most cases, doctors use the wait-and-see approach before suggesting any treatment option. In case of idiopathic scoliosis, doctors have no clue about what has caused the disorder. However, they would carefully monitor your child if they notice a curve at angles less than 20 degrees. They may suggest other treatment options if they noticeRead More

Is It Possible to Treat Scoliosis?

Is It Possible to Treat Scoliosis? A rather common spine condition, scoliosis refers to a condition in which you develop an uncommon curve of the backbone or spine. The condition affects adolescents more often with more than 3 million new cases surfacing in the U.S. each year. Interestingly, most of these cases involve children between the ages of 10 and 12 years old. When looking from the side, you will notice the spine have normal curves from the side, but it appears completely straight when you look at it fromRead More

9 Things Narcissists Say to Make You Feel Worthless

A narcissist will often appear charming and easy-going at the start of a friendship or relationship. Unfortunately, this is an act. Over time, they will begin to undermine your self-esteem with their toxic communication style and cruel comments. Although there are plenty of abusive people out there who tear other people down, narcissists tend to use particular phrases that reveal their true nature. Here are 9 of the most common remarks a narcissist will use to lower your confidence and make you feel worthless: 1. “What you don’t understand is…”Read More