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August, 2018


23 Signs You’re Secretly a Narcissist Masquerading as a Sensitive Introvert

20.___ I tend to become involved in relationships in which I alternately adore and despise the other person. 21.___ Even when I am in a group of friends, I often feel very alone and uneasy. 22.___ I resent others who have what I lack. 23.___ Defeat or disappointment usually shame or anger me, but I try not to show it. Done? Now add together all the numbers to come up with a total score. How’d you do? If you thought on some each of these, “Oh dear lord, that’s soooooRead More

Chris Watts admits wife’s murder, but blames her for daughters’ deaths

According to Watts’ account, Aug. 13 began with an intense conversation. He said he told his wife that he wanted a separation, then walked downstairs. When he returned, he said he spotted a baby monitor on his wife’s nightstand and saw her “actively strangling” Celeste. He said it also showed their other daughter, Bella, “sprawled out on her bed and blue.” “Chris said he went into a rage and ultimately strangled Shanann to death,” the document said. Police found surveillance video from a neighbor showing Watts’ truck backing into theRead More

Chris Watts admits wife’s murder, but blames her for daughters’ deaths

FREDERICK, Colorado — A Colorado man told a judge he understood he has been charged with killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters and then hiding their bodies in an oil field as his father-in-law sobbed in the courtroom Tuesday. Christopher Watts, wearing an orange jail suit and cuffed at the wrists and ankle, stoically answered, “Yes sir,” as District Judge Marcelo Kopcow formally advised him of the murder charges and that he could face life in prison or the death penalty if convicted of killing his wife, Shanann,Read More

7 Things You Need To Know About A Narcissist

7 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT NARCISSISTS 1. THE CAUSES OF NARCISSISM ARE UNKNOWN Narcissism is considered an enigmatic condition by medical professionals, in that the root cause(s) are unknown. The consensus, if one can indeed call it such, is that narcissism may arise from some combination of environmental and genetic factors. Maladjustment – the inability to “fit in” to traditional social circles – is generally considered to be a contributor, and is often observable from an early age. 2. NARCISSISTS CAN BE NEARLY UNDETECTABLE Many narcissists are clever folkRead More

The Mirror Effect Of The Empath And Why Some People Instantly Dislike You

Anything hidden, such as an insecurity, suppressed shame, guilt or anger, builds the longer it is left buried. If someone has traits they don’t like about themselves, they are reminded of them when in an Empath’s presence. This is one reason why instant dislikes can form towards an Empath. If this has been your experience, it could well be that you are reflecting back to them the truth they deny. Or there could be another reason… Your Vibration is Too Fast… Just like an Empath’s need not to be aroundRead More

The Mirror Effect Of The Empath And Why Some People Instantly Dislike You

We have all experienced it, being around someone who has either taken an instant dislike to us, or a bizarre resentment suddenly appears in those we have known for some time. There may be no clear reason for this change in their behaviour. No matter whether they try to hide their feelings or not, an Empath can sense their loathing and it does not feel good! Someone taking a dislike to another is a completely normal and acceptable part of life. We are all different and there will always beRead More

17 Reasons Why Being An Intuitive Empath Is A Gift

Do you ever feel like you have a heightened sense of understanding and emotion for other people’s feelings?  Maybe you feel like you are really good at reading people or you simply have an inclination toward being empathic. If so, you might be an intuitive empath. Being an intuitive empath means you have a high sensory perception and can actually be impacted by other people’s energies. You have an innate ability to perceive those around you. But, being an empath is more than just being an especially sensitive person, andRead More

17 Reasons Why Being An Intuitive Empath Is A Gift

5. They can experience the emotions of their loved ones, even if they are not with that person. It is common when an empath is in a strong relationship with someone to experience sudden surges of emotion or pain to later learn that their loved one was feeling the same emotions or pains at the same time. Often, empaths describe this feeling as being “blindsided” by emotions when they are not expecting them. 6. They like to stay focused. While many people may believe that having the ability to multi-taskRead More

Irish mother forced to beg for son’s life as he waits overs 14 months for spinal fusion surgery

This is simply unacceptable. In Ireland, one of the most prosperous countries in the world, a mother has been forced to beg for her child’s life. Brendan, a 13-year-old boy with scoliosis, as well as cerebral palsy, has been on the “urgent” waiting list for vital spinal fusion surgery for over 14 months. On Thursday night, Brendan’s mother Tracy took to Twitter to share photos of the increasing damage Brendan is enduring as he waits endlessly for the surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Crumlin. Tracy spoke to JOE toRead More

Your Ex Wants to Stay Friends After the Breakup? Beware – Scientists Say These People Are Narcissists and Psychopaths!

We’ll stay friends, right?” How many times has everyone heard that sentence? It’s probably the most popular sentence following a break-up and supposedly has an optimistic tone. However, most of us know that it’s often said just to make everything less awkward. Is there any point staying friends with an ex? Destroying your own heart and mind after a tough break-up? No, there isn’t. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing normal about it – according to some psychologists, exes who want to stay friends are most likely psychopaths! AccordingRead More