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Monday, December 17th, 2018


8 things that can keep you trapped in a relationship with a narcissist

  It’s hard to walk away from a relationship you’ve put time and effort into. Sometimes it’s right to fight for your partner, while other times it’s best for you both to walk away. But when it comes to dangerous, toxic people, it’s even more difficult to know what to do. Narcissists — people with a grandiose sense of entitlement — are particularly damaging to be in a relationship with. They spin lies to keep you hooked, while they simultaneously chip away at your self-esteem. There are certain red flags to look outRead More

8 things that can keep you trapped in a relationship with a narcissist

4. Trauma bonding Therapist Shannon Thomas, author of “Healing from Hidden Abuse,” told INSIDER psychological abuse is insidious, and it occurs a over time like an IV drip of poison entering your veins. She said victims can become biologically attached to their abusers through something called “trauma bonding.” “You have this back and forth, and the body becomes addicted,” Thomas said. “When we’re looking for something that we want, that we once had, which is a connection with somebody, and they are playing cat and mouse where they are pulling itRead More

Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Associated With Early Detection of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema

Breast cancer-related lymphedema can be detected early on with bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS), according to results of a study published in Cancer. BIS enables earlier detection of lymphedema than do other volumetric techniques, identifying even subclinical lymphedema, noted the study authors. The retrospective study of the use of BIS in monitoring for lymphedema was conducted from January 1, 2007, through December 31, 2016, at an Australian clinic. Women either received traditional referral-based monitoring (beginning more than 90 days after breast cancer surgery; n=285) or were placed in an early surveillance group, receivingRead More