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Tuesday, January 29th, 2019


Lymphangiosarcoma: When Lymphedema Becomes Deadly

Lymphedema, while uncomfortable and incurable, is generally not a dangerous condition to have if properly controlled. However, in a small number of untreated cases, it can become life-threatening. Lymphangiosarcoma (LAS), also called Stewart-Treves Syndrome, was first discovered in 1948 in six patients who had had mastectomies. It appeared that what had begun as a simple lymph drainage issue had, over time, become a sarcoma, a rare type of cancer. Like most cancers, nobody understands exactly how or why it occurs. However, there is obviously a significant link between this type of cancer andRead More

How and Why A Narcissist Dehumanizes their victims

Dehumanization: A Mechanism For Narcissists And Sociopaths To Mistreat Others   If you have ever experienced a narcissist or sociopath firsthand, you will have been left wondering how they can possibly treat other human beings with such little regard. Their behavior towards others is often so cold and heartless that it seems almost unbelievable, but they are able to act in such a manner because of a particular mental toolset. It probably exists primarily on an unconscious level, but this mechanism allows them to perpetrate acts of malice – borderingRead More

How and Why A Narcissist Dehumanizes their victims

Invalidation comes in many forms. It might be a case of teasing someone for their beliefs, their looks, their feelings, or the way they act in order to make them doubt themselves. This can chip away at someone’s self confidence until they are more easily persuaded and mistreated. Repeated rejection can have a similar effect on a person’s self-esteem. If the perpetrator rejects a person’s advances again and again, it lessens their confidence and convinces them that they are not the one calling the shots in a relationship. They graduallyRead More